Who Makes Power Horse Generators?

Power horse generators run silently. They have a power control system and electric start; making them easy to operate.

However, they’re scarce since not many manufacturers produce them. This article explains who makes power horse generators and their features.

Who makes Power horse generators?Power horse generators are made and distributed by the Northern Tool. Based in Minnesota they design and produce outdoor power products. This includes power horse generators, portable generators, standby generators, and their accessories.

They design and test their products in Minnesota but the production is in China. They also distribute Generac, Champion, and Honda Generators.

Are Power horse generators any good?

Yes. Powerhouse generators outrank their counterparts with distinguishing features and functionalities.

With a Noise rating of 50 Decibels, they’re as loud as your vacuum cleaner. This makes them the quietest Generators.

They’re integrated with inverters with an overload protection feature. By keeping the 5% distortion levels below 5%, the voltage variance won’t fry your electronics.

Another distinguishing feature is their higher efficiency; consuming less fuel while producing more power.

When the Oil levels in the engine drop below the critical limit (depending on your generator size), the Low Oil Shutdown feature turns off the engine automatically. This protects your engine’s valves, pistons, and crankshafts from wear and tear.

Their engines use Overhead Valve technology (OHV) with dual ball bearings. These reduce the rate of wear and tear increasing your generator’s lifetime.

These, among other features make them a better option when compared to other models.

Best Power Horse Generators

Power horse LC3500i Review


For easy operation and monitoring, the LC3500i comes with an LED display panel. It displays fuel and oil levels, runtime, overload notifications and low Oil alerts.

To power it on, it has a push-button. The electric start recoil uses a battery backup for instant booting. The Power horse LC3500i is shipped with the battery used to start recoil.

Fuel Consumption

The inverter is built inside the generator therefore consuming more fuel while producing more power. With a fuel capacity of 2.6 gallons, its runtime is 10 hours per 0.6 gallons. You can adjust the voltage output using the Engine smart control throttle and save fuel.

Voltage control

To protect your sensitive appliances, its harmonic distortion is 2%.In addition to the inverter, there’s an overload protector to shield your voltage-sensitive electronics from power surges.

The Power Horse LC3500i offers dual voltage of 120 or 240 volts.

Power output

It offers 3500-4500 Watts making it suitable for campers and light home or business applications. It’s fitted with a U.S.D.A Forest spark arrestor to reduce fire risks while in camps, forests, and parks.

It runs quietly with a noise load of 57 Db; as loud as a conversation.

Engine Design

Its engine uses overhead valves with dual ball bearings to reduce wear and tear. The Low Oil shutdown feature automatically shuts down the engine when the Oil is below critical levels.

The engine wall is a premium 100% copper head boosting air circulation that’s resistant to overheating. All these features the Engine and generator lifetime. For servicing, it has a removable side panel.


To make it portable, it has an integrated wheel kit for navigation and a wheel lock.

Its CARB (California Air Board) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) compliant hence legal in all 50 states.

Power horse 7500 Surge Watts Review

Engine Design

It’s powered by a 420cc power horse engine that operates at 55 Db. The rated wattage is 6500 W (starting wattage) and 7500W peak Wattage. With a Gasoline capacity of 6.6 Gallons, It can power a medium-sized house for 16 hours per 0.2 gallons.


For monitoring the operation status, it has an LED smart panel that displays the current runtime, fuel, and oil levels. To run it, you push the start button powered by a wire coil battery backup. The model is shipped with the battery.

 Using the low Oil shut down feature, the display alerts you when the oil almost drops to a critical level. If the oil is not refilled in time, the engine will shut down automatically. This saves the engine parts from wear and tear reducing the cost of maintenance.

Voltage Output

It offers a dual voltage of 120/240 controlled by the engine smart control throttle. The throttle has economic and standard settings which you adjust according to your needs.

The integrated inverter keeps harmonic distortion below 5% protecting your sensitive appliances against power surges. It’s fitted with 30 and 50 Ampere/240 Volts power outlets that you can plug your RV or home into.

Fuel Consumption

To reduce fuel consumption, the smart panel has engine idle controls that shut it down when idle for long.

Power horse 11000 surge watts Review

Engine Power

It’s powered by a 457cc overhead valve engine that delivers 8400 rated watts and 11050 surge watts. It’s suitable for industrial, commercial, and construction applications .Its However louder compared to other powerhouse engines. While operating at full load, it has a noise rating of 78 dB

Voltage regulation

To keep harmonic distortion in check it has an automatic voltage regulator with a voltmeter. The current variation is below 5% thereby your electronics are safe from power surges.

Fuel Consumption

Powered by gasoline, it can power heavy-duty applications for 8.5 hours per 3.3 gallons at a capacity of 6.6 gallons.


It’s started by a switch enabled using electric wire coil start. The battery is however not provided but available on Northern tool or Amazon.

It has a smaller display that shows runtime, voltage, and frequency. On the fuel tank is a fuel gauge for you to monitor fuel levels at a glance.

The Control panel has 6 power outlets and two USB outlets. The outlets have dual voltage of 120/240 volts. For maximum wattage, the 120 Volts outlet is recommended.


With graphic startup instructions printed below the fuel tank, it’s an easy to operate Generator. For portability, it comes with flat-free wheels and folding handles.

It’s however not CARB (California Air Resource) or EPA compliant therefore you need to obtain a permit from the state you’re operating in. They are not for sale in California.

Power horse generators vs Honda Generators

Below is a comparison between the Power horse 7500 and the Honda EU7000is

Engine Design

The Honda 7000is is powered by a GX390 389cc engine. It delivers 5500W starting wattage and a peak performance of 7000 Watts. The engine is mounted on rubber feet to reduce the noise levels. It operates at 58db making it louder than the power horse 7500.

 It’s however still quiet.

The Power horse 7500 is powered by a 4 stroke, 420cc Overhead Valve Engine. It offers 6500 starting wattage and 7500 peak wattage.

This makes the power horse 7500 more powerful than the Honda 7000is.However, in addition, its quitter with a noise rating of 55 dB .

Fuel Consumption

The Honda uses a GX390 engine with a fuel injection system that increases its overall runtime per gallon. With a capacity of 5.1 gallons, it can run for 6.5 hours per 2.5 gallons.

 The power horse 7500 runs on 0.2 gallons for 16 hours making it more fuel-efficient. The Smart Idle Engine control feature is responsible for the difference.

They’re both powered by Gasoline.

Voltage Output Regulation

The Honda 7000is is fitted with an inverter that ensures a stable continuous current for your voltage-sensitive electronics.

 With a dual voltage output of 120 or 240 volts, it can power large homes and commercial applications. You can select between 120,240 and 120/240 volts using the voltage selector switch.

Although the power horse 7500 also offers dual voltage, you use the engine smart control throttle to adjust the output. Unlike its counterpart, it does not support simultaneous 120/240 V output.

Control and ease of operation

The control panel of the Honda 7000is has 4 power outlets. It’s equipped with an electric start and a push button. In place of an LED display, it has an I-monitor where you can read the runtime, voltage output, oil/fuel levels and engine speed.

 A distinguishing feature is the Bluetooth remote management system that lets you monitor its status from your phone in real-time. The Power Horse 7500 lacks this feature.

For navigation, it has a standard wheel kit with flexible handles for maneuver. However, you cannot operate it in California due to CARB regulations.


To keep its servicing cheap, the Honda 700 is has a low oil shut-off feature. This protects engine parts from excess friction. The power horse also has the low oil alert and shut off features.


For navigation, the Honda 7000 is has a standard wheel kit with flexible handles for maneuvers.

The Power Horse has foldable handles with an integrated wheel kit. To increase its stability, the wheels can be locked; a feature the Honda 7000 lacks.

Power horse generators are more powerful compared to Honda generators.


Power horse generators are majorly designed and distributed by Northern tool equipment Inc. They design and test them in Minnesota but they’re manufactured in china.

They offer more power and consume lesser fuel. In addition to being easy to operate, they’re cheap to maintain. Their silent feature makes them more convenient.

Faqs About Who Makes Power Horse Generators

Who makes engines for Power horse generators?

Who makes Power horse generators?Liquid Combustion technology; is an international manufacturer that produces small engines for outdoor power solutions.

Are Power horse and predator generators the same?

No. Power horse generators produce more power while consuming lesser fuel. They also have more functionalities and features that outrank similar-wattage predator models. The predator consumes lesser fuel but produces lesser power.

However, they both have electric start, Low Oil shutdown and are CARB compliant (California Air Board). They also support parallel connections for identical units.

Who makes the most reliable portable generators?

Honda. Honda Generators have a proven track record of reliability and durability. They offer fuel flexibility and the consumption is fairly low.

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