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Whether you are looking for a backup power solution for your home or a power source for your outdoor power demands, a portable generator comes in handy. A portable generator will save you from the frustration of not being able to power your essential electric appliances during a power blackout. During such times you will need a reliable portable generator. One of the best generators you can invest in is a ford generator. But how reliable are ford generators? And who makes ford generators?

Ford generators are made by Pulsar Inc, a company situated in Asia with operations in Ontario, Canada. Pulsar Inc is also famous for making Pulsar generator models. Each ford generator model is reliable and has a high fuel efficiency rate. Read on to learn more about ford generators.

Best Ford Generators

1. Ford FG2300iS 2300W Silent Series Inverter Generator

The FG2300iS is the perfect lightweight inverter generator for RV applications, camping, and home backup power. You can also use this generator to power small power tools.

This quiet operating generator delivers 2300 peak wattage and 2000 running watts of clean and stable power. This power output can run a couple of appliances at homes, such as a fridge, coffee maker, television, and lights. In addition, this generator supports parallel connectivity, which means you can connect two similar models to achieve double the power output.

This generator operates quietly at 59 decibels less noisy than rainfall thanks to its noise-damping design. Its 1.18-gallon fuel tank capacity allows this generator to run for about 6 hours at 50% load without refueling. This inverter generator produces power with less than a 3% THD level. You can comfortably power your delicate appliances.

Power your appliances through its four power outlets:

  • Duplex 120 volts 20A outlets
  • 12 volts 8A DC outlet
  • 5 volts USB port

This model weighs about 47 pounds, making it one of the lightest gasoline-powered generators. It also has a handle molded on its case. Moving this generator to wherever you need power should not be an uphill task.

Additional features on this model include:

  • Light indicators display when the generator is ready for loading, overloaded and when the oil level is low.
  • Circuit breaker for overload protection
  • Automatic low oil shut off sensor


  • It’s an expensive but reliable lightweight generator
  • Has parallel connection capabilities
  • Operates fairly quiet


  • It has no data center
  • It offers a relatively low runtime.

2. Ford 5,250W Dual Fuel Portable Generator

This 5,250W portable inverter generator is excellent for powering most home appliances such as a refrigerator, washer/dryer, and more. It’s also a nice choice for camping, tailgating, and recreational activities. This dual fuel generator offers you the freedom to run this generator on gasoline or propane. It features Ford’s Switch & Go technology, allowing you to switch fuel sources without unplugging your appliances.

This generator offers 5250W starting wattage and 4250W rated wattage when running gasoline. This generator provides 4750W surge wattage and 3800W rated watts when powered by propane. Running it on gasoline gives you more power output, but if gas is scarce, you can power this generator with propane to save your situation.

The generator has a 4 gallons fuel tank capacity that allows it to operate for 11 hours nonstop at 50% load. Its Electric Start function makes powering up hassle-free. Besides, it comes with a remote key fob that makes it easy to start this generator up to 80 feet away. You don’t have to be next to the generator to start it. The electric push start button and remote start features have a conventional recoil start mechanism as a backup option. Should the generator battery lose charge, you can start the generator through the pull start system.

You can run multiple appliances concurrently thanks to the numerous power outlets on this model, which include:

  • 120 volts 20A outlet
  • 120/240 volts 30A Twist-lock Outlet
  • 120 volts 30A RV Outlet

For easy mobility, this generator has a drop-down handle and 8-inch wheels.

Other features on this model include:

  • A digital hour meter for tracking the generator’s voltage output and remaining lifetime hours
  • Low oil shutdown sensor
  • An Automatic Voltage Regulator


  • This model features electric and remote start functionalities
  • Dual fuel generator


  • It does not come with a DC outlet

3. Ford FG11050PBE Dual Fuel Portable Generator

This powerhorse offers enough power to power most of your household appliances and keep you going even during the most extreme weather conditions. It’s a dual fuel generator that can run on gasoline or propane; you can conveniently switch from propane to gas and vice versa thanks to its Switch & Go technology.

The generator churns out 11050 starting watts and 9,000 running watts when running on gasoline. Running it on propane delivers 10050W peak wattage and 8100 running watts. This generator provides enough power for running heavy-duty electrical appliances at home and works sites regardless of the fuel choice.

Ford FG11050PBE features a 6.6 gallons fuel tank capacity. You can power your appliances continuously for 10 hours at 50% load on a single gasoline tank. With such a runtime, you can power your HVAC unit overnight or run power tools at a construction site for the better part of the day.

You can either start this generator by pushing the electric push-button or pulling the recoil start system. Both options offer easy and quick start-ups.

There are six power outlets on this model:

  • Four 120 volts 20A GFCI Outlets
  • 120 volts 30A Twist-lock Outlet
  • 120/240 volts 50A RV Outlet

All outlets have a rubber covering for added protection when the generator is not in use.

This generator comes with a flexible handle and 10-inch wheels for easy movement for your outdoor power demands.

Additional features on this model are:

  • AVR
  • Automatic low oil shutdown sensor
  • A digital hour meter
  • Built-in fuel gauge


  • It’s a powerful generator 
  • It has a reasonable fuel efficiency rate


  • Its noise output can be as high as 78 decibels

Tips for Getting the Best Out of Ford Generators

Ford generators are one of the most popular generators in the market today. This is because of the type of services they can offer you as a user. Their popularity keeps increasing due to their efficiency, durability, and consistency in their production. However, to get your real value for money, here is what you need to do:

  • Regular service: The most important maintenance tip is that you should always call for regular servicing for your generators so that it runs smoothly without interruption of service due to breakdowns or malfunctions of parts. This will also help you to retain your warranty cover.
  • Proper maintenance: Maintain a clean generator. Dust off the generator whenever it is not in use, accumulation of dust on the outlets, and other parts of the generator can lead to malfunctioning. 
  • Run the generator at least once a month: You should always run a stored generator for about 30 minutes at least once a month. Doing so will help maintain the charge of your ford generator’s battery. Secondly, running a generator in storage helps in circulating engine oil into the different parts of the engine. Lastly, you can prevent the clogging of the carburetor by old gasoline in case the generator was stored with gasoline.
  • Check the oil levels regularly: Always maintain a good oil level in the generator to ensure smooth running and prevent engine damage due to friction between metal parts. Check the oil levels before starting your generator and ensure they are at their recommended levels. In low oil levels, add some as required but do not overfill as this can cause wastage through leaking.
  • Inspect the spark plugs: Do not wait for the generator to malfunction for you to inspect the spark plugs. Do regular check-ups of the spark plugs, clean them to remove any dirt, and replace them when necessary. Doing so will keep your generator in perfect condition.
  • Regularly inspect oil ad air filters: Oil and air filters are crucial in a generator. They are also likely to get clogged with dirt and, at times, wear out faster than expected. Inspect and clean them frequently; where necessary, replace them.  
  • Keep an eye on the fuel level: Do not allow your generator to shutting down while appliances are plugged because of the low fuel level. When this occurs, your generator’s coils may lose their magnetism power. One of the reasons for the difficulty in starting generators is the loss of magnetism power. Therefore, always keep monitoring the generator fuel level.
  • Always refer to the user manual before operating and servicing your ford generator model.

Faqs About Who Makes Ford Generators

1. Are Ford generators any good?

Yes, Ford generators are reliable and have reasonable fuel efficiency rates. So if you are planning to buy one, this brand will not disappoint you. One of the best Ford models is Ford FG11050PBE portable generator. However, it is always good to compare a couple of brands before you purchase.

2. Where are Ford generators manufactured?

Who Makes Ford GeneratorsAll Ford generators are manufactured in Asia by Pulsar Inc. The company does not outsource its services to China.

3. Does Ford make a generator?

Yes. Ford makes some of the best portable generators in the market.

4. Who makes the most dependable generators?

Honda makes the best portable generators in the market. Honda generators are popular for operating quietly, benign reliable, and durable. However, Honda generators are the most expensive in the market. Even so, their models are worth their price tags.


Ford generators are one of the best portable generators you can invest in, and they come in different sizes with varying features. Some are inverter models like Ford FG2300iS, while Ford FG11050PBE is conventional. The generators are made by Pulsar Inc, which also makes the popular Pulsar generators. Both brands are reliable and are worth their price tags. Consider a Ford generator if you are looking for a dependable generator for your emergency power needs.

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