What Can a 6500 Watt Generator Run?

Experiencing power outages for hours or days can be a serious concern. But when you have a 6500 watt generator, you will be in a safer place. With this kind of generator, you can supply emergency power to several types of equipment at your home. On the other hand, it is very essential to know if the power and surge demand of your appliance is compatible with that of your 6500watt generator. If the power and surge demand of your equipment is lower than that of your generator, then you are safe to supply power from your generator to your equipment. Therefore, in this article, we will look at what can a 6500 watt generator run? Without further much ado let’s get straight to the point.

Appliances That can a 6500 Watt Generator Run

1. Air Conditioners

What can a 6500-watt Generator Run?A conditioner with about 5000 BTU amount can be run with a generator of about 450 watts and above. This makes a 6500-watt generator compatible with this appliance and can supply enough power to it.

2. Televisions

When it comes to televisions, the amount of power consumption varies with the screen size of a television. The larger the screen size, the more it consumes power and vice versa. However, a 6500-watt generator can power any type of television. Most television’s power usage ranges from 40 watts to 400 watts.

3. Refrigerators

What can a 6500-watt Generator Run?Refrigerators only require 1000 to 2000 watts to run. This power level and surge demand are less than that of a 6500-watt generator, making it able to run the refrigerator.

4. Electric Clothes Dryer

If your generator has a power consumption of fewer than 6000 watts and a surging demand of the same, then you can run this appliance with a 6000-watt generator. Most clothes dryers today have a slightly higher power level and surge demand than 6000 watts. Nevertheless, if your generator has a power of 6000 and a surge level of over 6500, then you are running your machine confidently. However, you cannot run the dryer together with other appliances. The reason is, the power supply is too low to run all home appliances at once. Conversely, other simple and portable dryers use less amount of power ranging from as low as 300 watts.

5. Water heater

A 6500 watts generator can supply sufficient power to a water heater of fewer than 6000 watts. When it comes to a water heater, the higher the power level, the faster the water will heat.

6. Microwave ovens

What can a 6500-watt Generator Run?

Most microwave ovens have 625 watts to 2000 watts, making it possible to be run by a 6000 watts generator.

7. Dishwashers

A 6500 watts generator supplies power to a dishwasher. As long as the dish washer’s power supply is less than that of the generator.

Well, most home appliances can be run by a 6500 watts generator, provided the power level of the equipment is lower than this generator.

Faqs on What Can a 6500 Watt Generator?

How long will a 6500 watt Generator Run on a Tank of Gas?

If the tank of your generator is full of gasoline, then it can run for 10 hours continuously with a 50 % load. However, when it is full with propane at the same load, it can only run for about 6.5 hours. 6000 watts is the same as 8.7 horsepower. But realistically, the horsepower is a little bit higher than that. In this case, it might be around 10 horsepower.  Gasoline fueled engines burn ½ pound of gasoline per horsepower in every hour of running. So if your generator has a 5-gallon gas tank, then the generator will run 10 hours with 50% of its wattage.

Is a 6000 Watts Generator enough for a Home?

Yes, a 6000 watts generator can run most appliances in a home. These include a refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, electric clothing dryer, and television just to name a few.

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However, there are some of these appliances that can only be run by a 6000 watts power one at a time. The power supply may not be able to distribute enough power to all the equipment at the same time.

How many amp does a 6000 Generator handle?

A 6000 watts generator can handle a 120-volt load of up to 50 amps. This is enough to run a conditioner, refrigerator and provide lighting in your home, provided the normal electricity supply does not interfere.

How good is a 6000 Watts Generator?

A 6000 watts generator can keep all your home appliances running In case of a power emergency.

How much Gas does a 6000 Watts Generator use?

A 6500 watts generator has a maximum of 10 horsepower. In 1 hour of continuous running, this generator will use 2 ½ pounds of gasoline. While gasoline assesses 6 pounds per gallon. Therefore, a generator will use ½ gallon of gasoline in an hour.

What size Breaker do I need for a 6500 watt Generator?

A 6000 watts generator, it is using 25 amps. However, it is better to have more for backup.

Will a 6000-watt Generator Run a Good Pump?

Yes, a 6000-watt generator can run a good pump. A 1HP standard well pump uses 1watts to start and keep the pump running.

Do Generators Run on Regular Gas?

Yes, you can use regular gas. Most portable generators use gasoline. But you have to be careful and know if your generator can use regular gas or not.

Does a Generator Run longer on Propane or Gas?

Compared to other fuels, propane-fueled generator can run for a longer period. However, natural gas is more reliable and can run for as long as the gas supply is available, making it able to work longer than a propane-fueled generator.

How long can a Generator Run on Full Gas?

On a full tank, a gasoline-fueled generator can run for at most 12 hours nonstop. On the other hand, propane fueled generator can run continuously for 8 days, while that fuel with gas can go for 3 weeks of continuous running.

Can I use a 6000-watt Generator to take a Shower?

Yes, you can use a 6000-watt generator to take shower. However, this depends on the amount of watt your appliance has. As the principle goes, if your generator has higher watts compared to your appliance, then it can provide enough power to run your appliance.

What will happen if I Run too many Appliances at once on my 6000-watt Generator?

It is very dangerous to run all your appliances on the generator at the same time. The generator will be forced to produce excess power leading to over-heating of your generator. When your generator overheats, it can cause a fire. This can even damage your appliances and generator.

In Conclusion

A 6500 watt generator is big enough to run your home safely. Nevertheless, to be on the safer side, you need to know the number of watts every appliance in your home needs to start and run effectively. Taking this precaution will help you maintain both your generator and home appliances for a very long time.

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