WEN 3100 watt Inverter Generator Review

WEN 3100 watt inverter generator is one of the best gensets available in the market today from an established manufacturer of high-quality inverter generators. Its production came after the massive success of the WEN 2000-watt model. The 3100-watt model is affordable, powerful and comes in a compact design, and has modernized features that allow it to power RVs and trailers. So, how good is WEN 56310i 3100 inverter generator? Herein is a detailed WEN 3100 watt inverter generator review.

WEN 3100 watt Review first glance

WEN 3100-watt Inverter Generator ReviewThis generator has an appealing modern design that you cannot overlook. Even though you are not looking to buy a generator for its looks, WEN 56310i has a good impression on any lookers. The generator is black with a golden yellow painting on the sides and wheels that you’ll fall in love with. The yellow color also makes it visible; you don’t have to worry about stumbling on it when at the campsite.

It features in-built double handles on the top, which offers convenience when lifting or moving the generator. A collapsible handle and built-in wheels improve its portability when placed on flat ground. You will not struggle to carry its 82 pounds’ weight.

WEN 3100 watt Inverter Generator Review Features

Power Output and Performance

WEN 56310i has a 212cc 4-stroke air-cooled engine that generates up to 3100 surge wattage and 2800 running watts. This power output can save the situation at home when an unexpected storm leads to a utility power shortage. You can run selected appliances, including refrigerator, lights, and space heaters, until the power restores. The power output and portability make it a perfect power solution for RV or trailer lovers and tailgating parties.

You can double its power output by connecting two models parallel thanks to its parallel capability. You don’t have to think of buying a bigger generator if you have intermittent power demands. Add a similar model, and you’ll be enjoying more power output when the need arises.

As an inverter generator, this model produces power with minimal distortion making it suitable for powering vulnerable electronics. The model has two 5V USB ports to charge your handheld devices, including smartphones and tablets, quickly. Your smartphone, tablet, or camera will not go out of power when camping or tailgating with this generator at hand.

Other power outlets on its control panel include;

  • Duplex 120 volts 20A household-style outlets
  • Single 120 volts 30A RV outlet
  • 12 volts DC outlet

Besides connecting your household appliances and RV unit, you can also charge your battery via the 12V DC outlet.

The different types of power outlets on this model make it easy to use for various purposes.

Fuel Consumption and Noise Output

WEN 3100-watt Inverter Generator ReviewThis generator runs on gasoline with an octane level of more than 87. It boasts a 1.85 gallons’ fuel tank capacity. Check the octane rating on the front label of the fuel container. This generator can achieve a runtime of about 7.5 hours when running at a half load. When comparing WEN 56310i runtime with other models, check on their runtime at 50% load. WEN 56310i offers one of the best fuel efficiency ratios in its power output range, thanks to its eco-mode feature. Even so, such a runtime will only allow you to power very few devices. If you need a higher runtime, you should consider another model with a bigger fuel tank and high fuel efficiency.

The noise output on this model is not of concern, provided it’s not running on a full load. While running on a low load, this inverter generator has a noise output of 57 to 58 decibels when running from 22 feet. At a full load, the generator gets noisy, producing around 68 decibels. However, you can reduce the noise output by placing it further than 22 feet or investing in a sound dampening box.

Start-up Option

This model only starts via the conventional recoil start mechanism. Before starting this generator, ensure;

  • The generator is not loaded
  • You are operating it in an open space
  • The eco-mode switch is in the OFF position
  • The 3-in-1 choke switch is in the CHOKE position and later switch it to ON when the engine is up and running.

The generator should easily start from your first or second pull.

Control Panel

WEN 3100-watt Inverter Generator ReviewWEN 56310i does not have an LCD but comes with an intuitive control panel with multiple functionalities. They include;

  • An eco-mode switch allows you to turn on the eco-mode feature for maximum efficiency, low fuel consumption, and low noise output.
  • Parallel connection ports: You can quickly link this generator to a similar model to double its power output. The parallel kit is sold separately.
  • 3-in-1 switch: This switch allows you to choke the generator, turn on the fuel valve and switch on the engine.
  • Three light indicators signal when the unit is running normally, overloaded, and when the oil level is deficient
  • Power outlets: You can connect different types of appliances on this model thanks to its multipurpose receptacles.
  • Grounding nut: You can ground your generator via this nut. However, you have to check with your local regulations before proceeding to ground the generator.
  • Press to reset buttons for resetting circuit breakers: Once the generator shuts down because of overloading, you can reset it by pressing these buttons.

Such functionalities make this generator easy to use. However, the labeling on the control panel is a disadvantage; the writings are too small, making it difficult for anyone with weak eyes to decipher.

Security features

WEN 3100-watt Inverter Generator ReviewThis generator will auto shut down when the oil level is shallow. This feature ensures the motor does not run without oil which prevents it from damaging the engine.

The model also has an overload protection feature. When you overload this model, whether intentionally or unintentionally, it will auto shut down. This protects the engine from overworking and your plugged-in appliances from overloading risks.

Warranty Period

WEN 3100-watt Inverter Generator ReviewThe manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty period from the date of purchase. However, you have to register for the warranty by filling out the warranty card, attaching a copy of your purchasing receipt, and posting it to WEN. The 2-year warranty is for residential use. For commercial use, the warranty period is limited to 90 days.

The warranty is void if;

  • You have not followed the proper maintenance schedule.
  • There has been unauthorized tampering on the generator.
  • If the generator was bought from an unauthorized dealer such as third-party retailers

Observe the terms and conditions on the warrant card or manual book to ensure your warranty is valid.

Recommended Accessory

WEN 3100-watt inverter generator comes with a tool kit, funnel, extension cords, and integrated wheels. The manufacturer recommends a weatherproof cover for this generator; this one is sold separately. A parallel connection kit is also sold separately.

Maintenance Requirements for WEN 56310i Inverter Generator

For a generator to offer you optimal services requires regular care and maintenance, and WEN 56310i is not an exception. With this model, improper care and poor maintenance practices can disqualify its warranty cover. Here is the maintenance schedule that you need to observe;

  • Change the engine oil after the first 8 hours of operating this generator. At this time, empty all the fuel from the unit via the fuel spout and replace it with the new one. Remove the dipstick and wipe it clean before refitting it back. The user manual contains details about how to refill the oil correctly.
  • During normal usage, replace the engine oil after every 25 hours of operations. This will ensure the generator’s engine is performing optimally.
  • Check the air filter every 25 hours of use for signs of wear and tear. Replace it with a new one if necessary.
  • You should inspect the spark plug every 100 hours during your unit’s usage for signs of wear and tear. If necessary, replace it with a new one.

Other recommended practices include;

  • Regular checking of oil level via the dip stick checking procedure
  • Checking fuel levels before starting the generator to avoid sudden shutting down because of insufficient fuel levels.
  • Cleaning is another vital factor when maintaining your unit. You have to clean the debris from your generator after each use, more so if you are using it in dusty or dirty conditions. You must allow the generator to cool down fully before you attempt any cleaning.

Precautions to Observe When Using WEN 56310i

Your first step should always be to consult your user manual to learn the safety precautions before using this generator. The manual contains important information you need for the safe use of your generator. Some common preventive measures found in the manual include;

  • Do not run your generator indoors (in a garage or building).
  • Do not place the generator near combustible materials.
  • Before starting up or stopping your generator, be sure to disconnect all appliances (appliance cords) from the power outlets.
  • Avoid overloading your generator.

Best Alternatives to WEN 3100 Watt Inverter Generator

If you’re in the market for an alternative option for a WEN watt inverter generator, consider going for;

1. Champion Power Equipment 755337i Generator Review

This model delivers 3,100 surge watts and 2,800 running wattage of clean and stable power. The generator has a 1.6-gallon fuel tank capacity that offers 5 hours of continuous operations at a half load. It’s an RV-ready inverter generator that operates at a noise level of 58 decibels. You can start this model via an electric starter option, the conventional recoil system, or via a remote operation from 80 feet.


  • It’s an RV-ready generator perfect for RV revelers.
  • It’s sturdy and portable


  • It offers low runtime at half load compared to the WEN 3100-watt generator.


2. Honda EU3000iS Inverter Generator Review

This is a super quiet portable inverter generator with 3,000 surge watts and 2,800 rated watts of clean power. EU3000iS comes with a CO-MINDER technology that monitors carbon monoxide levels and automatically shuts down the engine if the level is high. It boasts a 3.4-gallon fuel tank size that guarantees a continuous operation of about 8 hours at half load. The generator has both conventional recoil and electric starting mechanisms. This generator operates silently with a noise output range of 50 to 57 decibels subject to the existing load.


  • It offers quiet operations even at full load.
  • It has a carbon monoxide detection system (CO-MINDER).


  • It’s the most expensive alternative for the WEN 3100-watt generator.

3. Briggs & Stratton P3000 PowerSmart Series Inverter Generator Review

It’s a quiet and compact inverter generator that delivers a starting wattage of 3,000W and 2,800 running watts of stable power. This model boasts a 1.5-gallon tank capacity that can guarantee you about 10 hours of non-stop operation at a quarter load. You can start this model using the traditional recoil start mechanisms, and it’s rated for a noise of 58 decibels.


  • It’s a budget generator.
  • It has an in-built fuel gauge for quick monitoring of fuel levels.


  • Its runtime at quarter load is relatively low when compared to WEN 56310i.


What we like about WEN 56310i;

  • It’s a quiet inverter generator, especially when running it on a low load.
  • It comes with multiple power receptacles for serving your different power needs.
  • It’s in the class of budget-friendly inverter generators in its power output range.

What we don’t like about WEN 56310i;

  • It doesn’t have a fuel gauge; this makes it difficult to monitor fuel level when the unit is operating.
  • Adding oil to the generator is cumbersome; you must unscrew two screws on the side panel to add oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are WEN inverter generators worth the money?

WEN 3100-watt Inverter Generator ReviewWEN inverter generators are one of the best and affordable portable inverter generators in the market today. WEN inverter generators operate with minimal disturbance, have an average fuel efficiency rate, and are durable. These models offer value for your money.

2. How noisy is this generator?

WEN 3100-watt generator has a varying noise level that ranges from 58 to 68 decibels. The lowest noise level is when the model is running on a low load of 25%.

Final word

Is WEN 3100 watt generator a good purchase? Yes, this model is among the few 3000-watt RV-ready inverter generators in its price range. It’s an affordable inverter generator that will cost you less than buying Honda or even Champion, which is considered affordable. If you are in the market for a 3000-watt RV-ready inverter generator, but you don’t want to spend big, consider going for a WEN 3100-watt inverter generator.

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