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All the material at generator reviews is not warranted by the website. The products and companies we market should be held accountable for any malfunction, conditions of merchantability, and infringement of property. We only share information, but whatever you choose to do with the information is solely up to you. As a website, we are not responsible for any interpretation of content or any transactions that you make with various brands. If you choose to use any links or websites that you find from our site, you should do so knowing that your rights are not protected by us.


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Additionally, if you choose to use any links, it will be at your own risk. Since we are a participant in the amazon services LLC associates program, we are allowed to share affiliate links with the aim of earning an advertisement fee. This is to say, if you click on any links on our website and it directs you to our affiliate site, we may receive a commission from your purchase. The small commission we get from the manufacturers is what keeps us moving and engaged in creating more reviews. On that note, we might recommend you to certain products for the purposes of making an interest. Whenever you click on the affiliate links in our content, however, you consent to third-party use of cookies. Whatever information you will be required to share for transacting with affiliate sites will not be protected by our primary site.


When you engage on our website, your data and personal information are highly protected. However, as generator reviews, we are not liable for any damages, including loss of data, limitations, damages, business interruptions, or profits. If you are unable to use the materials you find on our page, we cannot be held accountable. On the other hand, even if our authorized representatives are informed verbally or in a written form of such damages, there is no jurisdiction that implies we take the limitations. In case there are limitations of any kind, be it incidental or consequential damages, they may not apply to you. Our focus is to share information, not running the products companies. If one brand provides you with a warranty and the other doesn’t, we are not entitled to discuss that from one end. Also, when there are warranty limitations, as the user, you are only allowed to only file your complaint directly to the manufacturer.

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We are a non-commercial website, and we only provide the content for reading only. To give customers liable information, that might help in their decision making. Therefore, we can allow you to download or copy a few materials for temporal use. However, we do not permit you to use any information or content from our site for commercial gains. In case you are found infringing this agreement by selling or violating any copyrights or even mirror any of our server’s information, we can terminate your access to our site. Depending on the magnitude of the violation, however, we are authorized by law to take legal actions against you as the user. You must also destroy any material or content that you previously downloaded. Every material that is posted on our site is for use by our users, and it is strictly to improve their knowledge about particular products. Therefore, it is essential that you keep everything the same for the purposes of helping the other user.

Modification of Terms of Use

As the owners of the site, we are entitled to any information you find on our site. We also have the authority to change, improve, or modify the content of the site based on what we view right. We can also get into agreement with various sites to promote our website for a wider client. As users, you are bound to follow our terms of use without limitations or exceptions. Although the site focuses on sharing critical information to help users understand different products better, our main focus is to develop a website. In case you find that our content is not useful, you are free to join with other sites where you can get what you expect. We are committed to following our dreams to educate and share information with various users. Therefore, instead of trying to change our code of conduct to accommodate you, we opt to go with the bigger customer base.

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This section is provided at the bottom of every post to interact with you as the user. In this section, you are free to share your thoughts on the content we provided. However, all the information you give in the comment section can be used as ours, meaning we hold all the information’s rights. In case we choose to use the information for our next posts, we have the jurisdiction to do so without seeking permission from you. As a site, we can also delete any content you share in the section, but we find it unfit for your site. The public comment section is the only place where you are allowed to share your views concerning the content you read. However, our site operators might choose to mute you from sending your comment. Whatever you write has to be within our values, and it should relate solidly to the post we have shared at the moment. Being the site’s primary owners, we have to ensure that we share content that we find fit for the site.

Governing Law

In case you have any claims that relate to generator reviews, the laws of the state govern us. This indicates that although we operate worldwide, the site operates within the law provisions. We are committed to ensuring that we only share quality and reliable content with our readers. The law holds us accountable based on the content we share on our platform. Therefore, in case you find any misleading content, the law can apply to us the same way it will when the user is found violating our content.

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