Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is here to help you understand better how we collect, store, and use your information. However, we are entitled to updating the policy as privacy laws and technology keep changing. Therefore, it is essential for you to read the policy regularly to be on the right side with our policy. We take your privacy seriously, which is the reason we keep updating our system to protect your data. As part of our business operations, marketing purposes, sales process, and management of user’s accounts, we collect and use data. Any data collected without your consent is termed as non-identifying information, and it doesn’t have any specific personal identifying with the data. On the other hand, we also collect data that links to you directly. Such data can only be collected by either you filling in a form or when you purchase something. Such data shows that you have given consent as you are the one who shares the information personally.

Some of the information we collect when you visit our website include:

  • Name and email if you enter into a form
  • IP address
  • Collect non-identifying data
  • Use of cookies

When you register as an active user

  • Email
  • Name
  • IP address (optional)

When you buy from us

  • Name
  • Email
  • Last four digits of your credit card
  • IP address (optional)
  • Product purchased

Personal Information

Personal data/information refers to information that is used to help develop and identify specific users. The personal data we collect is mostly used in a manner the means your dignity will be confirmed. When you transact with us, we also guarantee that every personal data you use helps in creating personalized information. Where applicable, we also allow sharing of information with relevant authorities for enhanced operations.

How We Use Data

The data we collect has multiple uses. If you are a first-time visitor to our website, we use your data to track your interactions with our site. This helps us get a better understanding of each visitor and also improves our analysis. We also use the data we collect to improve our site functionality and how we share different content. With such data, it’s also easy for us to generate ads that relate directly to you, hence personalizing the content of our site.

When you purchase from us, the data we collect helps us to deliver your products and also enables easy payment transactions. We use secure encrypted technology to handle financial information, including your credit card accounts and numbers. For the purposes of your financial security, we only access your credit card partially as you only share the last four digits of the card. Your name, email, and IP are relevant information that will help us understand basic information about yourself. Such data smoothens the process of a transaction from both ends, the clients and our site. It eliminates the possibility of having to involve a third party while making transactions.

Suppose you connect with our site via email or other social platforms, your data, which included a name and IP address, to connect with you. Each email we send contains two links at the bottom of the email, one on how to manage email preferences, and the other gives you an opportunity to unsubscribe from the email services.

How We Interact

It is one thing to feel represented, but it is completely another to know that you are part of the process. As a company, instead of randomly collecting and using data from respective clients, we pride ourselves on customer consent before collecting data. Under this policy, you have the ultimate control of the personal information details that you choose to share. We have divided our site into two parts the providers and the users. As for providers, it refers to mobile service providers. The providers can access and utilize the services of the site to market and list their services, review and manage feedback from various customers, and also obtain and manage referrals for the purposes of benefiting the user. On the other hand, the users refer to consumers who may access information from the site to improve and care for their homes. Our privacy policy protects you when you search for products you wish to buy for the purposes of improving your personal looks.

What Happens When You Council Your Registration with Us

When you terminate your subscription with our site, that doesn’t mean that it’s time to let go. Even as we let you go, we still hold rights to your information. We store the content of your personal information in our archive for legal business transactions only. Storing your personal data also helps us to comply with the law. Additionally, for the purposes of improving our services and operations, storing anonymous information is quite critical. Every customer/user matters a lot, and when given a chance, all we would wish for is to have a long list of satisfied users.

What We Don’t Do With Your Data

Our privacy policy applies in different forms for the purposes of ensuring that your data is protected. With all the information on how we use the information we collect, understanding what we will not do with your data can be profitable. Under no circumstances will we share, sell, disclose or rent any personal information to unauthorized companies. Keeping your information secure is our number one priority.  Whether the company seeking access to your information is for the purposes of improving their performance, all they will require is to follow the right channels before demanding any information without your consent. Your information is strictly used for the purposes of developing our site. Therefore, you are guaranteed that we will not share any information that may infringe your privacy or violate your agreement with our site.

Use of Cookies

Unlike other websites, we strictly use cookies to recognize your device and give you a personalized experience. With the help of cookies, it is also possible for us to personalize the type of ads you get from third-party vendors and google. Additionally, through the use of cookies, we participate in affiliate systems, making it easy for us to track purchases hence track commissions. When you accept our use of cookies, you make it easy for under to keep a record of the number of clients who click on the affiliate links. The use of cookies also helps in encrypting your data for secure end-to-end privacy. Therefore, you are guaranteed that your data will be protected, and no unauthorized person can prevent you from accessing your greatness.

How We Keep Your Data Secure

Our site uses SSL encryption to store all personal data, including one that involves financial security. We use the encryption code to guaranty your safety comes fast. The site’s data involves giving you as the customer confidence to share your information while relaxed. When you share your financial details, we prioritize keeping it safe and only using it when necessary. As a company, we also avoid giving your information to anyone who comes asking for the same. However, unless when it is necessary to share your information, we avoid even giving it to the authorities. Sharing your data with us is an indicator that we are people you trust. Therefore, instead of pushing you away by giving your data to others, we opt to bring you closer and give you the power to store the information.

With this privacy policy, our website is designed to give you comfort and guarantee that your personal information is safe. Persons with exceptional knowledge can only retrieve any data that is stored in our servers. Knowing that you will not have to wait for the whole day to access your private details can be fulling.