How to Reset Generac Generator after Oil Change

Every small substance needs to be properly taken care of so that it can last long. Same to your Generac generator. Maintaining a generator is as important as its value. If your generator remains in good condition, it will serve you longer than you expected. Every machine needs good maintenance not only for proper functioning but also for durability. Changing the oil is an essential task to do.

Have thought of resetting your Generac generator after an oil change but don’t know how? Worry no more, we got you covered. In this article, we are going to outline a handful of steps on how to start and reset a Generac generator after an oil change.

How to Start a Generac Generator?

It is very easy and simple to start a Genera generator. But before starting it, it is important to follow the guide below:

Check Manual

It is always very important to take a look at the manual of the equipment you want to run. Check the manual first thereafter you can look for other kinds of stuff.

Ensure there is no any Gas leakage or damage in the generator.

Take a look at the Oil and Gas levels.

It is advisable to run your generator far away from your house. Never try to run it inside your house, it can be dangerous.

Don’t ever run your generator in a storm since it may cause electrical shock. This can also damage your generator’s engine.

Always start the Generator before connecting it to your house so that there’s not enough load attached to the generator. It is advisable to always ensure that all cords are disconnected before starting.


Now, the following step is to turn on the Generator. Follow the steps given below:

1. Switch On Fuel Valve

The first thing to do is to switch on the fuel valve of the Generator.

Now you can switch on the Generator’s choke.

2. Switch On Engine

The next step is to switch on the engine or ignition switch.

3. Wrench Recoil cord

Wrench the recoil cord, the engine will start.

After some moments of starting the generator’s engine, move the choke back to the run position.

How to reset your Generac generator after an oil change

Your generator needs to be maintained. Resetting your generator can be an easy task but challenging at the same time. Always remember not to overfill the generator. Below is the guide that you need to follow to reset your generator after oil change:


Your first step is to head to your generator and turn it off by pressing the Enter button.

If your generator has no ENTER button, you can position the generator to the turn-off position.

You have to wait for approximately 30 seconds after turning it off

After 30 seconds, you can now turn your generator to the MANUAL position. This will turn your generator on.

Once the generator starts, you should let it ride for about five minutes

Immediately it is done running for the five minutes, you should shut it off again.

Make sure it is completely shut off

Thereafter you can position the unit into the AUTO position.


If you have followed the instructions, I’m sure your generator may have started and started perfectly well.

How to Reset Yellow and Red Light

How to Reset Generac Generator after Oil ChangeGenerac generators are designed with three different lights outside the generator. Each of the lights serves a specific function. The colors are yellow, green and, red. As a generator owner, you should know what all the lights mean. The yellow light indicates that the system needs upkeep. It also turns on when the generator’s battery charger has lost power. Remember it is usual to notice the yellow light flashing at most twice annually. This is to remind you that you need to maintain your generator. The green light shows everything is in a proper position.


Here is how you can reset your yellow light

How to Reset Generac Generator after Oil ChangeFirst thing, you have to know the model of your generator.

If it is a new model, be rest assured that resetting it is easier.

Turn off the generator

Then carefully press the ENTER button two times.

Now turn on the generator by hitting the AUTO button.

In case you see a red light, you should know that you’re your machine has an error and needs servicing.

The generator has to be fixed for it to run.


Here are steps to follow to reset the red light

The first thing is to turn off your generator.

Turn it off by pressing the OFF button.

Followed by the following buttons. (Up, Up, ESC, down, up, ESC, up ENTER)

Use the up button to direct the word ‘DEALER’ and then press ENTER.

Then look for the DEALER EDIT option.

Use the ‘Up’ button to search for Reset Maintenance.

After you have found the reset option, press ENTER.

Press the ESC button until the display starts to blink. It will say system on the display while blinking.

Then press ENTER.

Press AUTO; this will bring back the generator into the automatic mode.

If you have missed a step, then the display will say ‘Ready to run’.

By now, the status light on the generator should turn green.


For something to work perfectly, maintaining it is the only option you have. Here are some easy and quick ways that you can use to maintain your generator:

Tips of Maintaining Generac Generator

Keep your generator clean

When you expose your generator to debris, molds, dust, and other worst conditions, it won’t give you the best service. Always ensure to clean your generator often or cover it for a long-lasting machine.

Empty the tank after use

Having enough fuel in your generator is very essential but leaving fuel in the tank for a long while can be very dangerous. It may make gum hence affecting its performance. This problem is not applied in propane and battery-operated generators.

Keep backup filters and fuel

It is important for you to have enough fuel stored at home. This is always essential for backup.

Monitor the wattage capacity

Before using your generator, take a look at the wattage capacity. This will help you know if the generator can handle the voltage you want to use or not.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long can a Generac generator run nonstop?

How to Reset Generac Generator after Oil ChangeHow long a generator can run depends on the quantity of fuel in the tank. Let’s say you have filled only 30% of your tank or you have hooked up a 50% load, you don’t expect your Generac generator to run for 10 hours nonstop.

Why is my Generac generator not starting?

Check the carburetor, it might be clogged. This is mostly caused by leaving fuel in the tank for a very long time. You can unclog it by cleaning it using carburetor cleaner. If this process won’t work, the only option you have is to replace the whole carburetor.

How can I fix a Generac generator that won’t start?

If your Generac generator won’t start, there is a solution to it. The first thing to do is check your fuel level. You can add some if needed. Secondly, position the valve correctly. Check and fill the oil as required and check the spark plug connection.

How do you know if your Generac generator is working?

In case of any malfunction in your generator, a red light will appear on the unit. It will stay alert to inform you until the problem is solved. If the green light appears instead of the red light, worry less, your generator is pretty much in good condition.

Why is my Generac generator shutting off?

Low oil levels may cause your generator to keep shutting off. New generator models such as your general, have a sensor that can notice a low level of oil and automatically turn it off.

Is it safe to allow a generator to run out of gas?

Generac generators should not be left to run until the tank is empty. This is very risky and can cause damage to the generator. Running out of gas may cause the coil of your generator to lose its magnetism.

For how long can you run a generator nonstop?

Depending on the made of your generator, some manufacturing companies recommend one to use their generator at most 500 hours continuously.

Should I leave my generator all night?

Yes, you can leave your generator working all night provided you have enough fuel to sustain it for the whole night. Though it is not advisable to leave our generator working all night long or for days without leaving it to rest.


Always be careful when resetting and changing the oil. The more careful you are, the more your generator will benefit. It is very okay having some troubles with your generator once or twice a year. Just fix the issue or maintain it in a proper way. Frequent maintenance of a Generac generator is essential to ensure long-lasting service and prevent further internal damage. Each colored light indicator shows whether the unit is capably working.



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