8 Steps On How to Check the Oil Level of a Generac Generator

Is it important to check the oil level of my Generac generator? Yes, it is. The reason is, when the oil in your generator is not changed after being in use for a long period, the oil will start to solidify hence forming sludge. The sludge will prevent the oil from flowing easily in the engine of your generator. This will lead to other parts of the engine rubbing through each other since there is no enough lubrication.

Such cases may cause huge damage to the point your engine can’t be repaired anymore, you will have no option but to replace it. That is why it is required of you to regularly check the oil level. In this article, we will give you guidelines that will help you on how to check the oil level of a Generac generator.

If your circumstances demand running your generator for a prolonged period, then you are required to check the oil level after every 24 hours if not 12 hours.

8 Steps On How To Check the Oil Level of a Generac Generator

  1. First thing to do is to turn off the strip switch located on the side of your generator.
  2. Now you can press the OFF button. This will turn off your generator.
  3. Take the dipstick, make sure its dry and insert it till you feel you have reached the bottom.
  4. Remove the dipstick and insert it again so that you can get the correct level.
  5. Read the oil level.
  6. If your generator is not at the full mark on the dipstick, refill the oil in your engine till it reaches the Full mark.
  7. Enter the Auto button. This will start the generator.
  8. To turn on the loads, press the AUTO key on the breaker.

It is that easy and simple. Buying a generator is expensive but maintaining it can be more expensive if you don’t take good care of it.

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Faqs on How to Check Oil Level of a Generac Generator

How do You Fill a Generac Generator with Oil?

First step is to turn on your generator and let it work for few seconds. Press the OFF button and the oil hose. Take off the cover of the oil drain hose and allow the oil out of your engine. Change the cover of the drain hose and close it. Turn the oil filter clockwise. Coat your gasket with oil for a better appearance.  Use your hands to attach it with the gasket and make sure it is well squeezed. Fill the container with oil till full. Make sure you don’t overflow it. Take a look if there is any lick whatsoever. If not, you can now run your generator. To be certain that you have filled the tank, check the oil level using a dipstick.

How often should I check Oil in Generac Generator?

It is recommended that you should check the oil level of your generator after every 12 hours of continuous use or on a monthly basis if you don’t use your generator on daily basis.

How much Oil do I put in my Generac Generator?

The oil level of a generac generator ranges from 1.1 to 2 quarts. That depends on the size of the engine and the size of the generator.

Where is the Dipstick on a Generator?

The dipstick is on the engine area of your generator. When you closely check the back area of your engine, you will see a yellow ring. There it is.

When should I add Oil to my generator?

In case your generator stops abruptly after an extended use, it is important to check your oil level and fill it if it is finished. It is also suggested that a generator has to be oil changed after 100 hours even if you have not been using the generator off late.

How long does Oil last in Generac Generator?

How to Check the Oil Level of a Generac GeneratorThe period at which oil can last in your generator depends on the several factors that includes the type of fuel, size of the generator and tank. A large generator that powered by propane on full tank can last for about 24 to 72 hours of continues running. While permanent generators powered by diesel, can run for more time up to even a week on a full tank. Gasoline powered generator can run for lesser time than both diesel and propane powered generator. Additionally, portable generac generators run for lesser time, at most 40 hours.

Can you put Oil in a Generator while still Working?

No you cannot. It is not safe for you to put oil while your generator is still running. Wait till the engine cools down for safety purposes. The fuels are flammable and can cause great explosion in case of a lick.

Does Generac Generator come with Oil?

No it doesn’t. You can buy a maintenance kit specifically to maintain a Generac generator separately. This kit will come with an air filter, sparks plugs, a funnel, shop towel, oil filter and engine oil.

Does a Generac Generator have an Oil Filter?

Unfortunately, a Generac generator doesn’t come with a filter, but you can buy the filter separately or buy it with the maintenance kit.

Why is there Oil in the Filter of my Generator?

It is normal for your filter to have some little oil when you squeeze it but not too much. But worry less, you can fix this problem. Wrap it in a towel and squash.  If your towel is socked with oil, you can change it and repeat the same thing until it’s fully dried.

What Type of a Generac Generator does a 22kw take?

This 22kw Generac generator uses synthetic oil. The maintenance kit comes with enough synthetic oil.

How much Oil does a Generac 11kw take?

For the 11kw Generac generator, the kit comes with 5W -30 synthetic oil.

How much Oil does a Generac 14 kW take?

For the 14kw Generac, it can take 10W – 30 synthetic oil.

In Conclusion

Generac generators are one of the advanced generators that can reliably serve you together with your family or even at your workplace in case of a blackout. From this article, we have learnt that it is very important to maintain your generator and the first step is consistently checking the level of oil in your engine and having a maintenance kit.  Checking and maintaining oil level is the most significant method to maintain your generator.

Additionally, it is not advised that you change the oil of your generator. Always refill your tank with the right oil. When you want your equipment to serve you for long, follow simple instructions in the manual and those listed above. This will help increase the performance of the engine and your generator. To maintain high-quality performance of your generator, remember to change the filter frequently too.  Always remember to check the oil level daily. If you are unable to do this yourself, you can inform a local mechanic to help you with the maintenance service.

If you want your maintenance and servicing process to be easy, it is important you purchase the maintenance kit. This kit includes essential tools that don’t come with the generator.

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