Honda Vs Yamaha 2000 Watt Inverter Generator

Do you have questions about Honda vs Yamaha 2000 watt inverter generator? Are you thinking of investing in a reliable inverter generator for RVing, camping, or your home emergency power backup? While numerous reliable brands are coming up in the market, Honda and Yamaha are the most popular international manufacturers of inverter generators.

Both manufacturers earn excellent reviews for their 2000 watt inverter generators, so which one is better? Both brands offer the best portable power solutions for RVing, camping and any outdoor power demanding activity, as well as home power backup.

Types of Generators

Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt Portable Generator with Inverter

YAMAHA EF2000iSv2, 1600 Running Watts/2000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Inverter,Blue


Honda Vs Yamaha 2000 Watt Inverter Generator Reviews

Herein is a detailed review of the Honda EU2000i and Yamaha EF2000is inverter generator to help you make a rational buying decision.


Both Honda EU2000i and Yamaha EF2000is inverter generators have a starting wattage of 2000 watts and maintain a running wattage of 1600 watts. However, the latest version of the Honda EU range has an extra 200 watts, which means it has more power output than Yamaha EF2000is.

As inverter generators, both units produce clean power. Therefore, you can power your delicate electronics such as televisions and computers with either of this generator without fear of damaging power distortions. However, Yamaha EF2000is has an extremely low THD level of less than 1%. It is, therefore, more appropriate for powering devices that demand low THD levels.

When looking at power output which is essential when comparing generators, Honda EU2000i and Yamaha EF2000is score similar points. However, with the new Honda EU model, you can power more electronics since it has 10% more power output than Yamaha EF2000is.

Honda EU2000i is powered by a 98.5cc GX100 engine, while Yamaha EF2000is runs on a 79 cc 4-stroke OHV engine. The differences in engine size affect the running time of the two brands, as you’ll see later. Both models have a reliable conventional recoil start mechanism.

For more power demands, both units support parallel connections with a similar model. The parallel kits are, however, bought separately.

Verdict: Honda EU2000i

   2. Power Outlets

Honda Vs Yamaha 2000 Watt Inverter Generator

You need generator outlets to power your electrical appliances. Both Honda EU2000i and Yamaha EF2000is have the same number and types of power outlets;

  •         Double 120V AC 20A household outlets
  •         Single 12V DC 8A outlet

The 120V AC outlets are ideal for powering standard AC appliances, while the single 12V DC outlet is suitable for charging your RV battery.

The Yamaha model comes with DC battery cables, while the Honda model does not come with such; this is a plus for Yamaha EF2000is.

Best pick: Yamaha model

 3. Level of Noise Operation

Honda Vs Yamaha 2000 Watt Inverter Generator

In any generator selection process, the amount of noise a generator makes is a decisive factor. Nobody would love to experience difficulties sleeping at night because of a noisy generator powering their AC unit.

When shopping for a generator, the noise level is measured in decibels; the higher the decibels, the noisier the unit. Both Honda EU2000i and Yamaha EF2000is operate at a relatively low noise level which other reviewers term as silent operations.

The rated noise level on each model in this review depends on their load but generally low compared to conventional generators. With a load of 25%, Yamaha EF2000is carries the day by generating 51.5 decibels while Honda EU2000i produces 53 decibels on the same load.

Both models will give you an easy time to sleep or converse with your family and friends when they are operating at a quarter load. However, at 100% load, the Honda model has a rated noise of 59 decibels while the Yamaha model runs at 61 decibels.

You can operate either of these inverter generators in a noise-sensitive environment without the fear of being a nuisance if you will not be operating at 100% load, Yamaha EF2000is triumphs.

However, if your power demands may force you to run the generator at 100% load, the Honda model is ideal.

4.  Fuel Consumption

Honda Vs Yamaha 2000 Watt Inverter Generator

Besides the price and noise level of a generator, fuel consumption is one of the essential factors to consider when comparing inverter generators.

Every inverter generator buyer is looking for a unit that will offer them reliable power output and has the most fuel efficiency rate. The generator’s engine size determines fuel efficiency.

Both Honda EU2000i and Yamaha EF2000is inverter generators have high fuel efficiency thanks to their ability to alter their engine speed depending on the current power demands.

Yamaha EF2000is has a fuel tank capacity of 1.1 gallons that can power your appliances for about 10.5 hours when the unit runs at quarter load. This runtime is an impressive achievement considering the small fuel tank size.

Honda EU2000i, on the other hand, has a fuel tank capacity of 0.95 gallons giving it a shorter run time of 8.1 hours when running at the same quarter load. With less than a gallon fuel tank capacity, 8.1 runtime is also an achievement for the Honda EU2000i.

On fuel consumption rate when at a quarter load, Yamaha EF2000is has a score of 0.1 GPH (gallon per hour) while Honda EU2000i has a 0.12 GPH. On fuel efficiency, Yamaha EF2000is edges out Honda EU2000i.

Could this be associated with the difference in engine displacement volume between the two? This is a subject for another day. A fuel switch on the Yamaha EF2000is gives it an upper hand when comparing it to Honda EU2000i.

With the fuel shut off switch, you can discontinue fuel flow from the tank to the carburettor when the generator is still running by turning off the fuel line. This action allows the engine to entirely consume the remaining fuel in the carburettor to ensure there is no fuel degradation on the carburettor.

Fuel degradation on the carburettor is among the leading cause of difficulty starting on both inverter and non-inverter generators, especially when the units stay for an extended period without being used.

Honda EU2000is does not have a fuel shutoff switch which means the unit constantly runs from the fuel being drained from the tank creating room for stale fuel in the carburettor when the unit is in storage.

Honda Vs Yamaha 2000 Watt Inverter Generator

Yamaha EF2000i has a fuel gauge for easy fuel level monitoring at a glance, while the Honda EU2000i does not have this feature. Instant visibility of the remaining fuel gauge will help you plan when you should refuel the generator instead of waiting for it to run out of fuel. This is another score for the Yamaha EF2000i.

Final verdict: Yamaha EF2000i

5. Level of maintenance

Yamaha model is generally easier to maintain than the Honda. For Yamaha, you only have to clean its head once a year or after every 300 hours of use, whichever comes first. On the other hand, Honda recommends a comprehensive combustion chamber cleaning after every 300 hours of use.

As a precaution, you should ensure your generator is powered off before any maintenance services. During maintenance, carefully read the generator’s user manual. If you are not an expert or unsure of how to service either the Honda EU2000i or Yamaha EF2000is inverter generator, contact a professional or visit one of their service centres near you.

Both units have a low oil sensor, which alerts you when the units are running low on oil. When the oil level goes below a prescribed level, the units automatically shut off. It ensures the units don’t run with low oil, which also safeguards the wellbeing of the engines. The overload protection feature is present on both models. The feature allows automatic power disconnection when there is an overload.

This feature does protect not only your generator but also protects the appliances you are powering. Yamaha EF2000is has an added advantage because it has an overload reset button; you do not have to restart the generator when there is an overload; reset the circuit breaker by pressing the overload reset button.

Final verdict: Yamaha EF2000i

 6. Portability

Inverter generators at the range of 2000 watts are highly portable and easy to carry around thanks to their design and lightweight nature. If you’re looking for an inverter generator for tailgating, camping or a remote worksite, you need a portable unit, and this is what Honda EU2000i and Yamaha EF2000is offer.

Yamaha EF2000is weighs 44.1 pounds without fuel and measures 19.3 × 11.0 × 17.9 inches. On the other hand, Honda EU2000i measures 20.2 × 11.4 × 16.7 inches and weighs 45.6 pounds (dry weight). The differences in weight are almost negligible.

Their compact sizes allow you to park either of them onto your RV or car boot. Both units come with a built-in handle that assures users of an easy time carrying either of the units from one point to another.

The clever tri-handle design on the Yamaha model makes it easy for two people to share the load.  The absence of wheelsets in the two brands can be attributed to their low weights.

Final verdict: Yamaha EF2000i

7.  Control panel

The Yamaha model has a multi-function LED indicator light with a night running light for easy access to the control panel even when it is dark.

This feature is not present on the Honda model, meaning you need an external light source to view the control panel at night.

Yamaha EF2000is has a digital load meter for easy monitoring of power usage. This feature is not present on the Honda EU2000i control panel.

Final verdict: Yamaha EF2000i

8.  Cost

Honda Vs Yamaha 2000 Watt Inverter Generator

Inverter generators are generally expensive than conventional portable generators. Inverter generators like those in this review have a high level of innovation, which is also reliable.

On comparing these two models, the Honda EU2000i will cost you less than Yamaha EF2000is. The difference may be as much as $200. The high cost of the Yamaha model could be because it was launched as recent as 2019.

If you are on a tight budget, Honda EU2000i will still offer you reliable services. After all, most of its features nearly resemble those of Yamaha EF2000is.

However, if you have a flexible budget, go for Yamaha EF2000is, which will offer you more value.

Final verdict: Yamaha EF2000i

Easy Generator Maintenance Tips

  1. Ensure you have adequate oil and filters in your store.
  2. You never know when the storm will heat your area and leave you disconnected from the primary grid. Generators require oil refilling after 50 to 60 hours of operations.
  3. Allow the generator to cool before refuelling it. Any spillage of gas on hot surfaces of the generator, especially on the carburettor, can be disastrous; it can lead to an inferno.
  4. Once you shut down the generator, let it cool for about 15 minutes before opening the fuel tank and refuelling it.
  5. Do not allow your generator to run out of gas. Generators easily get damaged when they frequently shut down because of low fuel.
  6. The coils in the engine tend to lose their magnetic field, which can be costly to repair.
  7. Therefore, you should ensure your generator has a sufficient fuel level and always disconnect any load before you power it off.

Frequently Asked Questions

 1. What can a 2000 watts inverter generator power?

honda vs yamaha 2000 watt

Inverter generators with a surge wattage of 2000 watts can power large electrical appliances including, an 11,000 BTU RV AC unit, a refrigerator, freezer, 1hp air compressor, heavy-duty circular saw, 8-inch bench grinder, and a breaker hammer.

While you can also use a 2000 watts inverter generator to power your house when you are off the grid, it will not power every appliance in your home. To avoid an overload scenario, ensure to get the wattage of every appliance that you want to power and ensure the total wattages does not exceed a surge wattage of 2000W.

If your appliances have a wattage demand of more than 2000 watts at a peak, you need to invest in a more significant inverter generator or parallel connect 2000 watts inverter generators. A parallel connection of two compatible 2000 watts inverter generators can generate power to run a 15,000 BTU RV Ac unit.

2. How Many Amps Does a 2000 Watts Inverter Generator Produce?

With a starting wattage of 2000 watts and weighs120 volts, a 2000W inverter generator produces 16.667 amps. However, the amperage falls to 13.33 amps when the units achieve a running wattage of 1600 watts and 120 volts output.

 3. Can I run either the Yamaha EF2000is or Honda EU2000is when it’s raining or snowing?

yamaha vs honda generator

None of the two inverter generators in this review are water-resistant. If you have to run either of them when it is raining, you need to protect it from rainwater or becoming wet.

You can build it a shade or run it in outdoor plastic playhouses that kids use. However, you must ensure the playhouse has plenty of ventilation for easy airflow and adequate space too.

Even so, it’s not advisable to run the generator during a hurricane or heavy rainfall, and this is because water can get into the playhouse or your shade which can pause the risk of electrocution. The two can be used as one of the best 2000 watt inverter generator.

4. What are the Quietest 2000 Watts Inverter Generator?

WEN 56203i 2000 watts portable inverter generator is the cheapest and quietest inverter generator in the range of 2000 watts. When it is running on a quarter load, the unit has a rated noise of 51 decibels. This noise level is as low as people conversing inside a house.

Even though the noise level increases as more load is added, it remains relatively low compared to other models. That brings an answer to the question, why are inverter generator so quiet?

Yamaha EF2000is comes second with a rated noise of 51.5 decibels when operating at a quarter load.


Final Verdict

You cannot go wrong with either Yamaha EF2000is or Honda EU2000i inverter generators. The two models are close in terms of quality and specs. However, the few differences between them give Yamaha EF2000is an edge over Honda EU2000i.

Yamaha seems to be winning because;

  •         It has better handles for easy transportation.
  •         It has an extra 2 hours run time when compared to Honda EU2000i.
  •         On the control panel, the Yamaha model has more advanced features.
  •         Has a fuel gauge.
  •         On purchase, it comes with an added DC battery charging cables.

However, if you settle for the Honda model in the 2000 watts category, consider EU2200i. The old model EU2000i is no longer in production, and EU2200i has replaced it.

Apart from having similar features to its predecessor, EU2200I also has more power and advanced features like carbon monoxide minder and supports remote operations thanks to Honda My generator app.

Carbon monoxide minder technology detects the level of carbon monoxide fumes around the generator, and it automatically powers off the generator if the levels are dangerously high. When shopping for an inverter generator, ensure your option is capable of meeting your power demands. Your power demands and budget should dictate which inverter generator is suitable for you.





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