Champion 3500 Watt Inverter Generator Review

Are you looking for a versatile and convenient inverter generator for powering your tailgating weekend, RV camping, or for providing backup power when there is an outage?  Then look at this Champion 3500 Watt Inverter Generator Review.

Champion 3500 Watt Inverter Generator

There are many inverter generator options out there, but one of the most featured in the 3500 watts category is the Champion 3500W inverter generator. It is a quiet, lightweight, and reliable generator that will deliver plenty of power even though it physically appears to be in a small package.

One of the prominent features of this model is the remote start capability. This technology allows you to operate this generator from 80 feet away, thanks to the wireless remote key fob with this unit. It is an excellent choice of a 3500 watts portable inverter generator for powering your needs.

Here is an Overview of the Champion 3500 Watt Inverter Generator

Champion 3500-watt Inverter Generator


1. Start-up

champion 3500 watt inverter generatorWhile most portable inverter generators only have recoil start electric start mechanisms, the champion 3500 watt inverter generator goes beyond that and offers a remote start and stop option. This feature eliminates the need to be physically near the generator to start or stop it.

You can operate it from 80 feet away. It also eliminates the unpleasant experience of pulling the recoil start cable whenever you want to run a generator. Anyone can power it on using the wireless remote key fob. For convenience, the wireless remote key comes with rechargeable batteries that guarantee consistent functionality.

RV revelers appreciate the wireless remote start technology because they don’t have to step outside on a chilly morning to start the unit to make coffee. With a simple press of a button, the generator will be running ready to power the coffee maker.

If the wireless remote control is not within your range, this model has an easy electric start button on itself. The electric start button on this unit is powered by a rechargeable battery on the unit itself, thanks to the plugged-in smart charger.

This onboard battery quickly recharges as the unit is running, and it can hold power for several weeks before the next recharge. It is this same battery that supports wireless remote operations.

If the onboard battery is out of charge or not able to power on this generator, there is a conventional recoil start system.

This starting option does not require many muscles to start the generator; a single pull start is enough to power it.


champion power generator

The Champion 3500 watt inverter generator delivers a significant amount of power at an affordable price compared to other brands of a similar power range.

Powered by a 192 cc 4-stroke OHV engine, it can deliver a starting wattage of 3500W and 3200 running watts of stable power. With a steady power output (less than 3% THD), you can confidently power your vulnerable electrical devices.

The output power is sufficient for powering most of your appliances on your RV, including a 13,500 BTU AC unit, microwave, coffee maker, lighting, among others.

Even though this model cannot power an entire house when there is an outage, it can power essential appliances, including refrigerator, freezer, fan, microwave oven, stereos, lights, among others. You can additionally use it to power your power tools at a construction site.

With parallel capabilities, you can connect this generator to another champion inverter generator to achieve double or more power output.

Unlike other types of generators that restrict parallel connection to be done on similar inverter generators, you can connect Champion 3500W to a similar inverter or a higher one. However, the parallel kit is sold separately since it’s optional.

Whether you’re looking to buy this inverter generator for RVing, tailgating, camping, or emergency home backup power, it will meet your power demands.


Champion 3500 Watt Inverter Generator Review

On the fuel aspect, it’s a review of the type of fuel the unit uses, fuel capacity, and fuel efficiency.

1.   Type of fuel

The Champion 3500W inverter generator in this review runs solely on gasoline. There are other models of this brand that are dual fuel generators.

Such units allow users to use both gas and propane according to their preference. When shopping for a generator, you should be keen on the type of fuel it runs on; settle on a generator that uses fuel easy for you to access.

2.  Fuel capacity and efficiency

Champion 3500W inverter generator has a fuel tank volume of 1.6 gallons with an oil capacity of 0.6-quart (recommended 10W-30). This unit can power your appliances for about 7.5 hours when running at a quarter load on a full tank.

While this unit cannot go for an entire day without refilling, the running hours are sufficient to power your essential appliances. The fuel tank size, load, and consumption rate directly affect how long the generator can run before the next refill.

The fuel efficiency of this unit is boosted by the inverter technology that has an intelligent economy mode. The economy mode allows the generator’s engine to idle, reducing the fuel consumption rate, noise production and extending the engine’s life. This unit has a fuel consumption of about 0.2 GPH.

4. Noise level

Champion 3500 Watt Inverter Generator Review

Noise level is a primary concern to most people buying portable generators. However, when purchasing an inverter generator, the noise level should not worry you; they have minimal noise production.

Champion 3500 watt inverter generator has a rated noise of 59 decibels when running at a quarter load and from 23 feet.

This noise level is similar to that of a normal conversation. You can therefore enjoy your sleep in the RV when the unit is running overnight. It will not bother your camping neighbors or neighbors at home when it is running.

The noise level can slightly increase when the unit has more load. However, the physical casing and small engine nature in this inverter generator ensure the noise level does not become unbearable.

With its noise level, the Champion 3500 watts inverter generator is a perfect companion for environments where noise levels are restricted. Read more on why are inverter generators so quiet?

5. Outlets

To enjoy the versatility that comes with the Champion 3500 watts inverter generator, it has four outlets.

  •         A single 120V AC 30A RV Ready outlet
  •         Dual 120V AC 20A household outlets
  •         Single 12V DC automotive-style outlet that has a dual USB adapter.

From these outlets, you can conveniently power electrical equipment in your mid-sized RV trailer, connect to your household power supply and recharge batteries through the 12V DC outlet.

6. Portability

If you are looking for a portable inverter generator for powering a mid-sized RV trailer or tailgating events, you need a highly mobile unit. Champion 3500 watts inverter generator has several portability features that qualify it to be among the top inverter generators for RV revelers.

The unit has an average weight of 110 pounds when the fuel tank is full. There is no doubt that the unit is heavy; however, you can lift and load it on an RV trailer or your truck when leaving for an outdoor event. There are integrated handles to help you in raising it.

To further advance its portability, the unit has two never-flat wheels on one side and folding handles for easy movement on even ground.

With the compact size and 25.1 × 17.3 × 18.3 inches in dimensions, storing or transporting this unit is not a problem.

7. Safety features

To safeguard the wellbeing of the engine of the Champion 3500W inverter generator, the manufacturer designed it with several safety features, including;

  • Low oil light indicator that signals when the generator is low on oil.
  • Low oil shut-off sensor: It stops the engine from running when the amount of oil in the unit is low. This feature prevents the engine from running without oil which could damage it and shorten its lifespan or increase maintenance costs.
  • Overload circuit breaker: The circuit breakers prevent an overload scenario that can damage appliances plugged into the generator and the generator itself. Once it signals an overload, power it off and press the button breakers to reset it.
  • An LED light indicator for signaling when there is an overload.
  • Light indicator to show when the generator is ready for loading.

The unit is EPA and CARB compliant. You can therefore order from any of the 50 states in America. The unit also has a USDA-certified spark arrestor. You can comfortably use the generator in a forest. The strong materials used on the casing of this unit are to increase its durability even in the harshest conditions. This product comes with three years warranty and lifetime technical support from the manufacturer.


–       It is an affordable and yet reliable 3500W inverter generator.

–       Wireless remote operations and electric start feature

–       Never-flat wheels and folding handles for enhancing portability


–       At 110 pounds, when the fuel tank is full, the unit is considerably heavy.

–       The two never-flat wheels are not ideal for all terrains.

Safety Rules to Observe When Using Champion 3500W Inverter Generator

Most severe injuries to people and property resulted from a generator are from poor handling or usage of generators. Here are safety rules to follow before you operate your 3500W inverter generator.

Do not run the generator in your house, basement, crawlspace, garages, or even in a generator compartment of an RV trailer.

champion 3500 watt inverter generator

Generators produce carbon monoxide fumes which can be catastrophic when anyone in your home inhales them. Therefore, you should ensure that the fumes do not get access to your house via the windows, vents, or any other opening in your house. When running it, place it at least 23 feet away from your house or any openings to your house.

Keep your hands, feet, any dangling materials or items such as jewelry away from the rotating parts of the generator.

The rotating parts can easily entangle the materials or items and your hands or feet, too, which can lead to severe injuries. Since the generator produces high voltage, here is what you should avoid; touching bare receptacles or wires, using faulty cords, and operating it with wet hands or in wet weather. Children should not be allowed to operate it.

When running the generator, do not move it. If you need to transport it, you should disconnect the spark plug, ensure the fuel shut-off valve is off, and empty the fuel tank.

Before you start or stop the generator’s engine, ensure no appliances are plugged in. Doing so will protect your devices from damages resulted from the power surge when starting and stopping the generator.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the Champion 3500W inverter Generator Perform at Higher Altitudes?

According to the manufacturer, this unit’s output power and engine power can reduce by about 3.5% on every elevation of about 1000 feet above sea level. The productivity of this unit will therefore go down when it is operating on higher altitudes. If you have to use it on higher altitudes, contact Champion Power Equipment for the provision of a high elevation carburetor main jet.

2. Can This Model Run on Propane?

No. The Champion 3500 watt inverter generator in this review only runs on gasoline, and you cannot run it on propane. Even so, there are other Champion inverter generators that have the dual fuel feature, and you can run such on both propane and gasoline.

3. Can I Modify this Model (Champion 3500W Inverter Generator) to Run on Propane or Natural Gas?

This inverter generator cannot run on either propane or natural gas. It is solely designed to operate on gasoline. Any alterations to this model are recommendable; doing so will nullify the emission warranty given by the manufacturer. The conversion of this model from using gasoline to using natural gas will have an effect on its emissions.

4. Can I run a Champion 3500W Inverter Generator and a Dual Fuel Inverter Generator in Parallel?

Yes. You can parallel connect a non-dual fuel inverter generator with a dual fuel generator provided the parallel ports match. Additionally, you can also parallel connect this model to another unit of either higher or lower power output as long as they similar black and red-squared paralleling outlets.

5. Can I use the Champion 3500 Watt Inverter Generator as an Emergency Power Backup Plan for my Home?

If your home has an installed transfer switch on the breaker panel, or you can install one, then you can use this generator to power your home when you are off the grid. However, the amount of power generated by this unit is not sufficient to run every electrical appliance in your home. Therefore, it is advisable that you only run the essential appliances, and their power requirements should not be above what this unit produces.

If there are high voltage appliances that you would wish to power, you can parallel connect another unit or power the appliances one at a time. To power the entire house when you are off the grid, you should consider investing in a whole-house or standby generator. It is, however, a costly option.

6. Can I run a Window Air Conditioner on the Champion 3500W Inverter Generator?

Champion 3500W Inverter Generator

Yes. However, window air conditioner units require high starting power, not less than 2000 watts. Therefore, you will be forced to run one AC unit, and the remaining capacity may be insufficient to power a pump concurrently as the AC is running. You will have exceeded the generator’s power surge. If you have to run more than one window AC unit or with other high voltage appliances, you will have to parallel connect two Champion 3500 watt inverter generators.

Final word

There are many portable and inverter generators in the range of 3500 watts in the market today. However, very few can match the reliability and functionality of the Champion 3500 watt inverter generator. While it also has few shortcomings, there are more benefits that you will get from this unit.

With a wireless remote operation and other admirable features such as silent operations and parallel capability, the Champion 3500W inverter generator possesses the earmarks of a superior investment. You can get more from this generator at almost half the price of what other generator brands offer in the market. If you are keen on noise level, working on a strict budget, need the convenience of operating the generator using a remote control, Champion 3500W inverter generator is what you need.

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