Best Generator for Sump Pump

A sump pump is an essential appliance of the plumbing system in any household. It is specifically designed to collect water that’s accumulated in your basement, crawl space, or any other location beneath your foundation.

However, most standard sump pumps rely solely on electricity and are rendered useless in the event of a power loss. In that case, it’s essential to consider installing a backup generator.

Generators come in many different sizes and features. And with many brands and models available on today’s market, you may be overwhelmed by the options.

As a result, it’s critical to have a clear idea of what you need before starting your search. Keep in mind that a sump pump typically needs an average of 2000 watts of surge power to start up.

Thankfully, this guide will help you choose an appropriate generator for your sump pump based on your power needs, budget, runtime, durability, reliability, convenience, and portability.

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Top 6 Generator for Sump Pump

1.    Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator


Our selection starts with the Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator, which is built to resist the rigors of construction sites, agricultural applications, and industrial applications.

With its efficient, strong 4-Stroke 420cc OHV engine, the generator has a maximum output of 9500 watts to keep your basement dry. Notably, the engine features an automatic low oil cutoff and a digital hour meter for convenient maintenance and fuel consumption tracking.

You’ll like that it is equipped with a large 6.6-gallon fuel tank to deliver 11 hours of run time on one fill-up, so you can easily handle any emergency. It also includes a precise fuel gauge so you can keep an eye on the level of your pump’s fuel tank.

Remember that the housing is built of cast iron and high-quality polymers, making it sturdy enough to withstand continuous heavy-duty use while staying lightweight for portability.

And, unlike most generators, Westinghouse WGen7500 comes with a remote start key fob, allowing you to start and stop the pump whenever you choose. Another significant feature is the maintenance-free sealed battery, allowing quick and easy servicing.

For your safety, it features two Ground Fault circuits to protect you in the event of an electrical accident. Moreover, it meets the efficiency standards set by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

With a limited 3-year warranty, this sump pump generator will give you peace of mind and includes an instruction manual for easy assembly.



  • Brand: Westinghouse
  • Dimensions:2 x 26.1 x 26 inches
  • Engine type: 4 stroke
  • Wattage: 7500 Watts to peak 9500 watts
  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Weight: 192 pounds
  • Total Power Outlets: 5



  • Large fuel tank to ensure fuel efficiency while running over a long period
  • The automatic low oil shut-down saves your generator from burnout
  • Users’ manual included making setup a breeze
  • Built-in fuel gauge for easy monitoring of the tank fuel level
  • It has a cast iron housing to protect it from damage and accidents


Loud, but bearable as compared to other generators in its equivalency category

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2.    WEN DF475T Portable Generator


The WEN DF475T Sump Pump Generator is a must-have for your next rainy day. It’s beneficial during emergencies and construction sites where you need power at the flip of a switch.

This generator has a significant start-up feature to start in seconds. You can switch between propane and gasoline with a simple dial switch, giving you the ability to power your home in any situation.

It’s the perfect size with a powerful 224cc engine and 240 volts of power, enough time to handle even the most extended drain lines. The 4-gallon tank sits atop the DF475T, providing you with plenty of power for up to 11 hrs, keeping you dry as you beat back even the most significant storm.

Don’t forget that this handy generator also features two 120V GFCI outlets and two 12-volt DC outlets: a cigarette lighter outlet and a 120-volt twist lock. With the 12V DC cigarette lighter-style jack, you can easily connect to an optional extension cord, giving the WEN DF475T fantastic versatility.

With its compact design, it is portable enough to attach to the back of your car or truck and bring it along wherever you need it. It is lightweight, weighing only 42 pounds, and features a handle for easy carry.

best pump sump generatorA two-year warranty, expert service technicians, an EPA III-compliant generator, and a certified CARB product make this sump pump generator an excellent investment.



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  • Brand: Westinghouse
  • Dimensions:2 x 17.5 x 18.5 inches
  • Engine type: 4 Stroke
  • Wattage: 4750 Watts
  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Weight:8 Pounds
  • Color: CARB Compliant



  • The huge power output of up to 240v
  • Gen-Set is gasoline-powered and can run on propane
  • Power for up to 11 hours with the 4 gallons, making it reliable
  • Portable and easy to move around
  • It is easy to start whenever you need power



  • The shipping box has no proper lift points and can break down if not handled with care


3.    SIMPSON Cleaning SPG7593E Portable Gas Generator

Power through just about anything with the ultra-powerful SPG7593E generator from powerhouse brand Simpson.

This unit is easy to set up and comes equipped with a 420cc electric-start engine designed to last and a unique ergonomic control panel that makes operation simple.

As expected, the portable generator is suitable for occasional or continuous use, and it has a maximum on-demand power of 7500 watts. It offers a 2-hour automatic transfer switch and a low oil shut-down to ensure reliable performance.

Unlike other generic brands, this sump pump generator operates on natural gas, LP, or gasoline, and it has an 8-hour runtime on one tank. It can generate enough power to run one or two sump pumps.

Moreover, it boasts a voltage selector switch that lets you choose between 120-Volt and 240-Volt input. A word of warning, though: never use both outlets simultaneously. The 15 Amp output lets you power a variety of electrical appliances.

The Simpson generator is built to last, with a heavy-duty steel frame that protects it from harm and is sturdy enough to withstand years of service.

For your convenience, the control panel provides easy access to various settings and LED indications. What’s more, the generator has a roll cage frame to protect it from physical harm while in use.

And thanks to its sturdy wheel kit for easy portability, it’s ready at a moment’s notice whenever and wherever you need it.

For additional convenience, the 10-inch non-flat wheels facilitate easy mobility and maneuverability across different terrains and its foldable handle for easy storage and transportation.



  • Brand: SIMPSON Cleaning
  • Dimension:1 x 21.46 x 23.82 inches
  • Engine type: 4 Stroke
  • Wattage: 7500 watts
  • Number of Outlets: 6
  • Weight: 201 Pounds
  • Color: Red



  • Easy to access control panel
  • Durable, heavy-duty steel frame to protect from damage
  • You can use the generator in a variety of applications
  • Runs on gas or electric
  • Foldable handles for easy storage



  • Loud, so you’ll need to invest in sound deflectors to minimize the noise


4.    Durostar DS4000S Portable Generator


DuroStar’s DS4000S portable generator is another excellent option for those looking for a reliable backup generator for sump pumps and other home necessities. This unit can handle more than just one appliance.

First, it is equipped with a 208cc OHV engine that allows for a peak load of 4,000 peak watts and 3,300 running watts. The unit features an automatic low oil shutoff function that enables you to go longer between fill-ups, as it shuts the generator down when it senses that the oil is getting low.

The generator has built-in handles that make moving it a breeze, and the lengthy 8-foot wire allows you to plug-in electrical devices up to 23 feet away. Another notable feature is an easy-to-read voltmeter that keeps you updated on your power usage. Not to mention the two 120V home outlets and one 120V 30A twist-lock outlet, which provide you with a wide range of options.

And with a fuel capacity of 4 gallons and a maximum run time of 8 hours, this generator is perfect for powering small to medium-sized projects. Personal security features include a recoil starter and full enclosure to keep curious fingers out of the functional components.

Moreover, DuroStar is the market leader in clean, quiet, and consistent electricity, providing you with a sense of security. So, you can rest confident that all of their products, including the Durostar DS4000S, meet the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) and California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) emission requirements.

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  • Brand: DuroStar
  • Dimension: 23 x 17 x 18 inches
  • Engine type: 4 Stroke
  • Wattage: 4000 Watts
  • Weight: 94 Pounds
  • Color: Yellow/Black



  • The 3,300-watt output provides more than enough power to handle multiple tasks
  • Low oil shutoff and engine stop for safety
  • Four outlets for maximum compatibility
  • Run time up to eight hours on a four-gallon gas tank
  • Easy to monitor the voltage output in real-time



  • Short-term incapability to handle surges of up to 13,000 watts

5.    BILT HARD 4000 Watt Inverter Generator


The BILT HARD 4000 Watt Inverter Generator is one of the quietest inverter generators currently in the market. Running at 68 decibels, you can use it indoors without worrying about disturbing others with noise and fumes associated with generic generators engine.

The power density technology used in this generator makes it capable of producing 4000 watts of continuous power at 25% load. It also features a 120V rated output voltage and ensures stable and reliable power capacity for residential and commercial applications.

The unit has a built-in low oil shutoff ignition system, which helps avoid engine damage due to low oil levels and battery indicator light to notify the operator of low engine battery power.

Additionally, it boasts a 2.2-gallon fuel tank for continuous operation for up to 14 hours. You will also like it features a multi-function control panel that includes a voltage meter, starter switch, and circuit breaker. This inverter generator is safe to use indoors and outdoors with pure sine wave functionality and an overload protection system to protect the equipment from damage.

Supported by free technical support The BILT Hard Inverter generator is durable and will give you with years of trouble-free operation within 90 days of purchase.



  • Brand: BILT HARD
  • Dimension:22 x 19.68 x 18.11 inches
  • Engine type: 4 Stroke
  • Wattage: 4000 Watts
  • Weight: 105 pounds
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Color: Blue



  • Incredibly quiet, with a decibel level of 68, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • The 2.2-gallon gasoline tank ensures an extended operating time
  • Save time as you can use different appliances at the same time
  • It’s portable and easy to store thanks to the built-in handle
  • The design and construction is of exceptional quality, ensuring years of dependable performance



  • It does not come with engine oil, so you have to put it yourself
  • Support only gas as the source of power


6.    FIRMAN H05751 Generator

The FIRMAN H05751 Generator is a true workhorse that can handle the power needs of your home, business, or commercial application. It has an impressive continuous power rating of 5700 watts and a peak power rating of 7100 watts.

It comes with a 208cc dual-fuel engine that provides low oil shut down capability and delivers over 13 hours of runtime with 8 gallons of gas. It features a multi-feature control panel with covered outlets that include a power indicator light and circuit breaker with a master switch along with a convenient cord storage compartment.

Unlike other generic brands, this generator can run on propane, so you’re not only dependent on one power source.

Despite its impressive power, this portable generator is incredibly quiet and is perfect for areas where quiet operation is desired. It’s an excellent choice for use in residential, commercial, and construction settings. What’s more, the integrated circuit breaker protects the generator in the event of an overload.

Every component is built with durability in mind, from the housing to the handle. To emphasize the point, it features a cast iron sleeve to protect the engine from corrosion and damage, while the U-shape folding handle allows you to store the generator with ease.

At only 212 pounds and featuring never-flat wheels, the FIRMAN H05751 generator is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making them portable enough to bring anywhere, even over rough terrain.

California Emission Certified, this generator is designed for those who want an inexpensive power source for home or commercial use. And for your added peace of mind, Firman has included a 3-year warranty.

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  • Brand: Firman
  • Dimension:2 x 22.2 x 24.4 inches
  • Fuel Type: Gas/LPG
  • Wattage: 5700 watts
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Weight: 212 Pounds
  • Tank Volume: 8 gallons


  • Provide a flexible way to power up either gas or liquid propane
  • A 5.5-foot hose that allows you to connect the generator to a propane tank with ease
  • 13 hours of runtime with 8 gallons of fuel
  • Heavy-duty casters make moving the generator around a breeze
  • Multiple outlets for plugging in different devices simultaneously



  • To comprehend the panel display in propane mode, you must first read the instructions
  • Loud but not overwhelming


Frequently Asked Questions about Best Generator for Sump Pump

1.    What size generator do I need to run a sump pump?

Generators between 3000 watts and 5000 watts max power output are best for running a sump pump. They can provide enough electricity for small jobs without getting overloaded.


Larger-sized generators over 5000 watts should be avoided unless when using them with multiple appliances. Smaller than 3000 watts may not have enough oomph if you rely on your sump pump as your only form of emergency backup power.


2.    What generator can power a sump pump?

Sump pumps are power-hungry devices, and they have high energy requirements. This means that you need a powerful generator to run one. Most sump pumps require a minimum of 3000 watts and a maximum of 5000 watts.


3.    How many watts do I need to run a sump pump?

This will depend on how many watts your sump pump needs. If you have an older or economy model, it will probably require between 800 and 1,500 watts.


However, newer models require less wattage to run and usually require 1,200-watt units. For example, a more extensive system with 3′ of pipe flowing into it might need 2,000-watts of electricity; a minor system with 4′ of pipe might only need 600 watts.


4.    How do you power a sump pump with a generator?

Fuel your generator, then connect it to an extension cord and plug it into an electrical outlet near your sump pump’s electrical system box or inlet valve. Turn on your sump pump and check the water level regularly to ensure that everything is operating well.


5.    Will a 1000watt generator run a sump pump?

A 1000 watt generator is not powerful enough to power your sump pump. It might turn it on but will not be able to keep it running for very long. Make sure to examine how many watts your sump pumps require if you’re shopping for a portable unit.


6.    Can I use a power inverter to run my sump pump?

Yes, Power Inverters can run your sump pump; however, you have to make sure you don’t overload them.


7.    Can a solar generator power a sump pump?

Solar generators are ideal for powering your sump pump since they are portable and have their battery source so that you can move them from one place to another. They also don’t need any fuel or extraordinary maintenance, making them convenient and cost-effective.


8.    How many watts does a Zoeller sump pump use?

There are two types of Zoeller sump pump, a submersible, and semi-submersible pump, which come in models that an electric generator can power. A submersible type can draw up to 1100 watts, and an above-ground or semi-submersible type 500 watts.


9.    Can a portable power station run a sump pump?

best generator for sump pumpYes, but it will depend on how much electricity your sump pump needs. If you have a small, 1000watt unit and you’re only looking to run it for six hours, then it is possible. However, bigger, more powerful units will take more energy to run.


10. Can a UPS power a sump pump?

A UPS stands for Uninterruptible Run Supply, and it won’t power a sump pump unless it has a small capacity. This is due to UPS’s insufficient battery storage for backup runtime.


11. Can a Jackery power a sump pump?

Jackery can produce 1000 watts of power at its peak. As a result, it can only run a sump pump that draws less than 1,000 watts of power. Take note that running a larger sump pump (more than 1000 watts) on your Jackery will cause problems because they require more electricity.


12. How do I add a battery backup to my sump pump?

To begin, secure the battery to the wall. Now run wires from it to connect with a switch then to your main power panel or breaker box. Connect all cables and screw in any necessary connectors.


Next, use wire cutters or pliers to strip back insulation on one end of each wire you want to connect. Then twist exposed wires together and make sure they’re tight. Finally, insert them into appropriate ports on both devices (switch or breakers).


13. How many watts does a Well pump use?

The average residential well pumps require 2,400 watts. So, if you’re powering a generator from your home’s electricity system or an exterior 120-volt outlet, it needs to be capable of producing at least 2,400 watts.


If you want to use an outdoor outlet—which is highly recommended for safety reasons—the outlet will need to provide more than 2,400 watts.


14. What can you power with 700 watts?

Seven hundred watts can power numerous low-power appliances like TV, Radio, cell phone charger, refrigerator/freezer (an average modern model), washing machine, LED lights, and many more.


15. Will a Honda 2200 generator run a sump pump?

A sump pump that is less than 2200 watts and 120 volts will only function on a Honda 2200 generator (120v).


Because all Honda generators are designed to run on either 120 volts or 240 volts, but not both at the same time, they cannot produce voltages greater than 120 volts. However, they can function at these higher outputs for short periods.


16. How long will a 12V run a sump pump?

A 12V battery can last around an hour while powering a sump pump with 800 watts. The reason is that 12V batteries are designed to be used over short periods and have to be recharged quickly after using them.


17. How do you power a sump pump when the power goes out?

The main line of defense is having a generator installed with an automatic transfer switch. The generator will automatically kick on and keep your sump pump running when there’s a problem with your electricity.


Also, have a battery backup or manual pumps to ensure that you can deliver your water to safety even if your power supply fails.


18. Is a battery backup sump pump worth it?

A battery backup system offers more protection if you live in an area prone to blackouts or where storms are expected. Battery backup systems have sealed lead-acid batteries installed, and they can provide up to 24 hours of emergency pumping time.


19. Can I run a Well pump off a generator?

best generator for sump pumpIt’s achievable, but before you connect your generator to your Well system, keep in mind that different generators can drive different Well pumps depending on how many watts or amps they produce. Some generators, for example, can only handle 5500 watts, while others can handle up to 8000 watts.


20. Will a 3500watt generator run a Well pump?

Yes, although this generator will only run a Well pump with a horsepower rating of 1/3HP or 1/4 HP. This is because the electric motors in these Well pumps are small and light enough to run on a 3500watt generator. You can use a 4000watt portable inverter generator with a 3/4HP well pump.


21. Will a 7500watt generator run a Well pump?

1HP well pump requires at least a 6000-watt generator to run optimally. Therefore, any generator rated for at least 7500 watts can efficiently operate your Well equipment.


Final Thoughts

When purchasing a generator for your sump pump, it is critical to do your research. As we’ve seen in this guide, there are various types, each with its own set of pros and cons.

Invest some time and examine each individually to find the best fit for your needs. Hopefully, you will be able to make the right decision  and buy with confidence knowing you got what you wanted by the end of the day.













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