Best 5000 Watt Inverter Generator

A 5000-watt generator is a dependable power source that can deliver your daily power demands. Regardless of whether you are looking for your home power backup plan, outdoor worksite power use, or for recreation purposes: a 5000-watt generator can power your different electrical appliances simultaneously. It is therefore inevitable for you to invest in the best 5000 watt inverter generator.

However, with the saturation of many 5000 watt generators in the market, each manufacturer claims theirs to be the best. Falling for their marketing strategy may compromise your selection of the best 5000-watt generator.

Even so, with a fair guide, settling for the right generator for your electricity needs will ease your buying process.

Whether you are a novice or a professional in the world of generators, this article will guide you.

Herein is what you need to look out for and a review of the best 5000-watt generators in the market today.

81BiJ9+DRKL. AC SL1500
  • Wattage: 5000 watts
  • Noise Level: 68 dBA
  • Weight: 121 Ibs
  • Run Time: 7.5 hrs at 50% on 3.4 gallon tank
61OA7SZE3TL. AC SL1000
  • Wattage: 5000 watts
  • Noise Level: 63 dBA
  • Weight: 226.4 Ibs
  • Run Time: 10.5 hrs
71eMMQs1b0L. AC SL1400
  • Wattage: 5000 watts
  • Noise Level: 68 dBA
  • Weight: 109 Ibs
  • Run Time: 13.5 hrs at 1/4 load
51k6YXGbWBL. AC SL1000
  • Wattage: 5000 watts
  • Noise Level: 68 dBA
  • Weight: 130 Ibs
  • Run Time: 9 hrs at 50% load
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  • Wattage: 5000 w
  • Noise Level: 76 dBA
  • Weight: 108Ibs
  • Run Time: 11 hrs @ 1/2 load

Top 5000-Watt Inverter Generators

1. WEN 56500 Portable Generator- Budget-friendly Generator

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Top Editor’s Pick

WEN 56500 tops in this review because it is a flawless and budget-friendly unit. It is a powerful generator with a 272cc 4-stroke OHV engine that can generate a starting wattage of 5000W and 4500 running watts.

The fuel tank has a capacity of 3.4 gallons; when the generator is 50% loaded, the unit can power your appliances for about 7.5 hours. To power it on, it features a conventional pull start mechanism.

To power your appliances, it features 4 AC and 1 DC outlets;

  • Dual 120V 20A outlets
  • A 120/240V 30A outlet- Transfer switch ready for directly connecting your home through the breaker box in case of a power outage.
  • A120V 30A outlet- An RV Ready outlet. If you are an RV reveler, this is an ideal generator option.
  • 12V DC 8A outlet

For easy monitoring of the generator output voltage, frequency, and runtime, the generator has a digital readout—an in-built fuel gauge for quick monitoring of the unit’s gas level.

best 5000 watt inverter generator

When this unit has a 50% load, it will produce a noise level of 63 decibels from 23 feet away. With its power output, this noise level is bearable. It will not stop you from conversing with your family or friends at the camping site.

The unit has a compact and open frame design coupled with flexible handles and a wheel kit. This feature makes it easy to move and store this unit; otherwise, with its weight of about 119 pounds, moving it would have been hectic.

The easy movability makes it ideal for powering your home, outdoor activities, including tailgating parties and your RV power needs.


  • A budget-friendly generator
  • Can run multiple appliances at once
  • An RV Ready generator

  • Several users complained of difficulties in putting oil.

2.Honda EM5000SX generator- With iAVR Technology

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The Honda EM5000SX generator weighs about 232 pounds. Even with this weight, it is still a portable generator thanks to its handles and two-wheel set. It has a 6.2 gallons fuel tank capacity which is more significant compared to WEN 56500 model.

It has a powerful 389cc OHV 4-stroke engine that can deliver 4500 running watts and a peak wattage of 5000 watts.

The peak wattage can go up to 7000 watts thanks to intelligent automatic voltage regulation technology (iAVR). On a full tank and 50% load, the generator can operate for about 10.5 hours.

At 50% load, the unit has a rated noise of 63 decibels when it is operating from 23 feet away. The noise level is slightly more than that of a normal conversation. However, it cannot stop you from doing your activities.

It has two start mechanisms; the traditional recoil approach and a simple electric start. The two options offer an easy time to start and shut down the unit.

For further convenience, you can operate this unit remotely thanks to the My Generator App.

The control panel has:

  • Duo 120V AC 20A GFCI outlets
  • 120V AC 30A outlet- For easy RV connection
  • 120/240V AC 30A outlet- For easy powering of your home when you have in case of a power outage.
  • 12V DC 8A outlet

It does not have a digital readout, but it has a built-in fuel gauge to check the generator’s fuel level quickly.

Additionally, there is a circuit breaker to protect your appliances and the generator from the potential risks of an overloaded generator.

Best 5000 watt inverter generator

Additionally, Honda EM5000SX has a CO minder. It is a system that monitors the level of carbon monoxide (CO) in the surrounding; it signals and shuts off the generator when the levels are dangerously high.

With this feature, you will rest easy knowing that there are no potential risks of carbon monoxide production by this unit.


  • The unit has GFCI outlets
  • It has a CO minder
  • With the Honda My Generator App, you can operate this unit remotely.

  • This generator is a bit heavy.

3. A-iPower AP5000V Powered Generator- Quietest Generator in this Review

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It is a powerful and yet quiet generator suitable for outdoor activities and a power backup plan at home. A-iPower AP5000V has a 208cc 7HP OHV engine that delivers 5000 peak wattage and 4000 running watts.

best 5000 watt inverter generator

With a fuel tank capacity of 4 gallons, this generator can comfortably power your appliances simultaneously for about 12 hours when it is at 50% load. To start this generator, it has a traditional recoil start.

A-iPower AP5000V model has an open-frame design and weighs about 109 pounds. With its two-wheel set, it is easy to move this generator on the level ground making it an ideal option for adventuring.

On a 50% load, the unit can produce a noise level of 58 decibels which is quiet than a normal conversation.

You can comfortably run this generator anywhere without the fear of bothering your neighbors at home or the camping ground.

You can regulate the noise level by adjusting the load. The noise level slightly increases to 63 decibels when it is 75% loaded.

A digital data center on its control panel will help you determine the generator’s status and its runtime. For a quick and easy check on remaining gasoline, the unit has an in-built fuel gauge.

Besides enjoying its power supply, you will also have an easy time knowing that your generator will remain running for a given number of hours thanks to the data center and in-built fuel gauge.

A-iPower AP5000V generator has 3AC outlets:

  • Double 120V 20A outlets
  • 120/240V 30A outlets- transfer switch ready for easy connection to your home when you are off the grid.

Even though the A- iPower AP5000V generator does not have an RV-ready outlet, it is still a perfect choice for RVing.


  • Considering its power output, A-iPower AP5000V is a silent generator.
  • Budget-friendly generator

  • It has a relatively low runtime and fuel efficiency.

4. JEGS 86065 Portable Generator-Budget Friendly and a Powerful Generator

If you are looking for an affordable and yet powerful generator, JEGS 86065 portable generator is here. It runs on a 223cc 7.5HP OHV engine that can deliver adequate power for running your fundamental domestic electronics and outdoor activity appliances.

It can generate 5000 starting watts and continuous watts of 4250. This power output is safe thanks to the AVR technology in this model.

JEGS 86065 is designed in such a way that it will fit the demands of a 5000-watt generator in the market.

It is built with a durable steel frame, two non-flat wheels, and foldable handles to ease its portability.

Even though this unit roughly weighs 130 pounds, its portability features make it an ideal power source for your outdoor activities and a home power backup plan.

It has a fuel tank capacity of 4 gallons. When this tank is full of gasoline, it can meet your power demands for about 9 hours when it has a 50% load and a comfortable 6 hours when it is at 100% load.

This running time is impressive for powering your essential tools at a working site and appliances at home or the camping ground.

When running at 50% load, the unit has a rated noise of 68 decibels less noisy. Its noise production would have been high was it not for the specially designed mufflers attached to this unit.

You can conveniently use this generator in most parks, and its noise level is also acceptable in most neighborhoods. Additionally, it will not stop you from taking a nap or holding a meeting.

With the built-in fuel gauge, you can quickly tell the amount of fuel left in this generator. There is also an LCD screen showing the remaining runtime.

This allows you to comfortably power your generator without the fear of having it shut down abruptly.

The control panel has several outlets;

  • Four 120V AC 20A outlets-One of them being an RV Ready outlet.
  • Single 120/240V 30A outlets- This offers an easy transfer switch to connect to your home. There is also a voltage switch from 120V to 240V and vice versa for convenient powering of your appliances.
  • Single DC outlet.

All outlets in JEGS 86065 have a cover to keep them free from debris when they are not in use.


  • It has iAVR, which works on delivering stable power for powering sensitive electronics.
  • It has weatherproof outlet covers.

  • It is heavy for one person to lift it.

5. Green-Power America GPD5000W Gasoline Generator-With an Overhead Valve Engine

The overhead-valve engine feature of this generator makes it 25% more efficient than most generators of its range with side valve engines. This feature further reduces oil consumption by about 50%.

Therefore, you will power your appliances for a long time without adding oil, which also means low maintenance costs.

Green-Power America GPD5000W is equipped with a 223cc 7.5HP OHV engine that delivers 5000 surge watts and 3850 running watts.

This power output is sufficient to power your essential appliances at home and your outdoor activities. With the LCT technology, you can quickly power this unit even during winter.

When its 4 gallons fuel tank is complete, it can generate reliable power for about 11 hours when the unit is running at half load. This is a considerable long time that will ensure your power needs are met.

When running from 23 feet, this unit has a rated noise of 74 decibels. However, you can lower this noise level by placing the generator more than 23 feet away from your tent or workstation.

Alternatively, you can use different noise reduction methods, which will guarantee you lower noise levels.

While this unit weighs 109 pounds, it comes with 8-inch never-flat tires coupled with foldable handles. This makes it easy for you to maneuver with this unit.

Whether you are buying it to power your home, tailgating parties, or your construction site, it is easy to move it.

On the outlets, this unit has;

  • Double 120V AC 20A outlet
  • Single 120V AC 30A twist-lock outlet
  • Single 12V DC 8.3A outlet

This unit has a voltage meter. You can quickly tell the voltage of the power being generated from this generator thanks to the voltmeter.

Unlike most conventional generators in this review, Green-Power America GPD5000W has an effective alternator with an intelligent automatic voltage regulator for stabilizing the output power.

For this reason, you can safely power your sensitive electronics because of the sine wave power.

A common feature in the above 5000-watt generator models is that they all have low oil sensor features. This shuts down the generator when it low on oil which ensures the generator does not run without oil. It is a beneficial feature that extends the engine life.


  • It has a stable power output
  • Ideal for all weather conditions

  • A noise level of 74 decibels is on the higher side.

What can a 5000-watts generator run?

best 5000 watt inverter generator

A 5000-watt generator is powerful power equipment that can run a variety of appliances.

You can run different household electronics, RV’s, and power tools at a job site.

However, the number of appliances it can power at once will depend on their wattage requirements.

Here are the categories of electrical equipment that a 5000 watts generator can power;

Household Appliances

A 5000-watt generator can comfortably power basic household electronics. However, you have to be keen on the starting and running wattages of the essential appliances you intend to run. Different household electronic devices have varying starting watts and running watts.

Essential household electric devices that a 5000 watts generator can power: lamps, electric blankets, fans, TVs, water pumps, hairdryers, window AC, kitchen appliances including toasters, coffee makers, microwaves, among others.

best 5000 watt inverter generator

For bigger household electrical appliances such as dishwashers, water heaters, large freezer with a refrigerator, you will have to run them separately.

It is because 5000 watts may not be enough to power them simultaneously.

Job Site Appliances

best 5000 watt inverter generator

On a construction site, 5000 watts can run power tools, including grinders, air compressors, power drills, electric saws, sprayers, among other power tools. You must also check the power requirements of every power tool on its power cable or on itself before powering them.

Powering an RV

A 5000 watts generator is suitable for meeting most large RVs power demands. The power generated by a 5000-watt generator can power your lights, kitchen, a small space heater, or an AC unit.

A 3000-watts generator can power smaller RVs; however, it will require a lot of power balancing. With a 5000 watt generator, no power balancing is required giving you peace of mind not running into an overload.

For camping purposes, a 5000-watt generator can meet all your power demands, including lighting, powering music systems, cooking, among others.

Here is a tip, total the starting wattages and running wattages of the electrical appliances you wish to power. If the totals watts do not go beyond the wattage of your generator, then you can comfortably power them. Remember to use a surge protector on your electronics, mainly when your generator does not produce pure energy.

Best 5000 Watts Inverter Generator Buyer’s  Guide

Now that you are in the market for a 5000-watt generator, you need to know aspects and options suitable for your power requirements.

Every generator model in this review has been designed to fit a specific set of consumer requirements.

Therefore, it is essential to do proper research before investing in any of the 5000-watt generator models in the market. Here is what you need to consider.

1. Type of generator

Are you interested in a conventional or an inverter generator? The critical difference between the two is their mode of power production. It is good to also understand how does an inverter generator work?

Conventional generators only produce AC power which is directly used to run different electronics. On the other hand, inverter generators produce power in three phases: they convert the high-frequency AC power produced by the generator into DC power which is then converted into stable AC power.

The final AC power produced by the inverter generator is free from spikes and distortion; this explains why it is called clean power.

The power produced by an inverter generator is safe for powering your delicate electronics, including personal computers, smartphones, and sounds systems.

On the other hand, powering these electronics with a conventional generator could be risking them because of the power variations from them.

An inverter generator is less noisy than a conventional generator and more expensive than a conventional one. While conventional generators are cheaper compared to inverter generator, conventional generators are bulky, heavy, and noisy.

If you are looking for a 5000watt generator for powering your power tools at a construction site, a conventional generator is ideal. However, if you will be using it for camping or at home, an inverter generator is ideal.

2. Fuel Source

There are three familiar fuel sources of generators: propane, gasoline, and diesel. Diesel is mostly for commercial power demands because they are large and noisy.

Most 5000-watt generators run on gasoline. This is because a 5000-watt generator needs a lot of driving force to deliver such power outputs.

You can also come across a dual fuel 5000-watt generator. Such units allow you to switch from either propane to gasoline or vice versa.

You have the freedom to choose your fuel source based on the availability, running time, and cost of that fuel.

However, when using propane, you will have to lug around with a propane tank and the generator; this could need a lot of space, especially when you are an RV reveler. Gasoline-powered generators have an in-built tank for gasoline.

Your fuel choice should be affordable and readily available in the area you will be using the generator.

3. Fuel Tank Capacity

The fuel tank capacity of your preferred generator will directly influence its running time. A 5000-watt generator with a big fuel tank of like 6 gallons will run for long hours compared to one with a small tank of about 2 gallons.

However, the fuel efficiency aspect will also come into play. If you will be using the generator regularly and for long hours, you should go for a fuel-efficient unit with a bigger fuel tank capacity.

On the other hand, if you are not a regular user of the generator and only run it for short periods, then a generator with a small tank could be okay with you. In both cases, fuel efficiency depending on the load is paramount.

4. Available Power Outlets

The versatility of a generator will depend on the number and types of outlets in its power panel. If you are an RV reveler, you need an RV Ready generator, and it should have an RV ready twist receptacle.

Similarly, if you will be using it as your emergency power backup plan, it should have a 120/240V 30A outlet, transfer switch ready for easy connection to your home’s breaker box.

A 120V 20A outlet is also ideal for powering household appliances. In some instances, you can also find a generator with USB outlets, which is for adding the convenience of recharging your portable devices.

Ensure the generator of your choice has the right outlets for powering your appliances.

5. Noise Ratings

If you plan to use the generator in your estate or camping ground, you have to be careful about the rated noise of your preferred option. Your neighbors are not interested in hearing your generator chugging away while trying to catch a nap or watch their favorite TV shows.

Don’t be a bother to your friends. Noisy generators are also not ideal for camping and RVing, and most natural parks have a restricted noise level. However, if you will be using the generator for outdoor activities in an open area such as a construction site, the noise level may not be an issue.

Noise level is rated in decibels (dB). A large number of the 5000-watt generators in the market today and in our review have a rated noise of 68 decibels which is average. In most cases, the noise level is worked out from the range of 21 feet. The further the generator is placed, the lower the noise level.

If noise is a big factor to you, check on the noise rating before ordering for your power generator.

6. Warranty

Buying a 5000-watt generator is a heavy investment. To get the value for your money, you need a generator that will serve you flawlessly for many years.

A quality generator brand will come from a renowned manufacturer who will give you a more extended warranty period. Manufacturers who trust the quality of their products will not give you less than two years warranty period on service and parts of the generator.

You must read and understand the warrant information before ordering your unit. It is because warrant terms differ from one manufacturer to another.

For instance, there is a limited warranty that solely applies to certain parts of the generator or specific types of defects. This means that the manufacturer is picky about what the warrant covers.

Safety Tips and Precautions to Observe When Using a Generator

Depending on the size of your generator, it can power all your electricity needs and make your life seamless. However, if care is not taken when using this equipment, it can be disastrous. Here are safety tips to observe.

  • Regardless of the size of the generator, do not operate indoors, near your vent, windows, or doors. Place it around 15 feet away from your house. This is to avoid the entrance of the poisonous carbon monoxide gas into your house.
  • Ensure your generator is running before you plug your appliances. It is also essential to plug one appliance at a time to ensure there is no overload.
  • Before refueling your generator, please turn it off and allow time for the engine to cool. Refueling a generator when it is on or still hot can cause a fire.
  • To avoid the risks of shorting, ensure that you are using heavy-duty extension cables in good condition.
  • Do not run the generator when it is raining. Operating a generator in wet conditions can pose electrical risks. If you have to sue it when it is raining, ensure it is under a canopy with no chances of it being rained on, and ensure your hands are dry before touching it.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

1. What are Starting Watts and Running Watts in a Generator?

Starting watts is the wattage required to get the generator’s motor running from a static position. Starting the motor demands more energy than maintaining it at a running position; this explains why generators have more starting wattage. Starting watts are the maximum watts the unit can deliver.

On the other hand, running watts is the continuous energy required to keep the generator running. Keeping the generator running requires less energy than starting it.

2. How many amps can a 5000-watt generator produce?

This will depend on whether the unit is producing 120 or 240 volts. When the unit produces 120 volts, it delivers about 41.6 amps and 20.8 amps when delivering 240 volts. The amperage figure is arrived at by dividing the wattage (5000W) by the voltage the unit produces.

3. How long will my 5000-watt generator run?

This will largely depend on the generator’s fuel tank capacity, fuel efficiency, and load. The fuel efficiency is measured depending on the amount of fuel the generator consumes in one hour.

Generators with iAVR technology will reduce fuel consumption, giving it more running time than a traditional generator without the technology.

A generator with 100% load will have fewer running hours than one with 50% load.

4. Which is the quietest 5000-watt generator?

The noise level of a generator is measured in decibels. A quiet generator will have a low number of decibels. In our review, the A-iPower AP5000V model is the quietest, with a rated noise of 58 decibels when it is at 50% load.

5. Can I run my generator all night?

Yes, running a generator all night will not hamper its performance.

However, there is a possibility of your generator running out of fuel, meaning it can shut down any time it runs out of fuel. This may damage your electronics.

You should therefore ensure that the generator has sufficient fuel to take you through the night.

Final Thought

There are numerous 5000-watt generators in the market. With the list above, choosing the ideal one for your power requirements should no longer be a strenuous activity.

Remember to check on the different factors that will influence your perfect selection of a 5000-watt generator. The noise rating, available power outlets, fuel source, and warranty period are some of the vital aspects you should consider when shopping for the best 5000-watt generator. Be assured that any 5000-watt generator you will choose in this review should excellently serve you for a long duration to come.

Take safety precautions when using your generator. Many people have lost their valuables and others are losing their lives because of improper usage of generators. Improper use of generators can cause fire, and carbon monoxide gas produced when the generator is running can be poisonous if inhaled at higher levels.

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