Best 4000 Watt Inverter Generator

Having a reliable generator can make a big difference when you are off-grid when going for a camping trip or undertaking any outdoor activity. For these needs, you need a generator that will produce sufficient power while remaining quiet. This is where an inverter generator comes into play. In that case, one needs to choose the best 4000 watt inverter generator

Best 4000 Watt Inverter GeneratorA 4000 watts inverter generator will allow you to power your essential electrical equipment including refrigerator, water pumps, and lighting your home during a power outage without consuming heavily and being noisy.

The power output can as well run a medium-size RV or provide enough power to meet your power demands at the campsite and at a remote working site. So, which are the best 4000-watts inverter generator brands today?

There are many 4000watts inverter generator brands in the market, however, if you are new to the world of generators, your choice of bets may be compromised.

There are several aspects that you need to look at including run time, fuel option, noise level, safety features among others.

Some of the Best 4000 Watt Inverter Generator

Our Top PickPulsar 4000w Inverter Generator Pulsar 4,000W Quiet Inverter Generator
  • Wattage: 4000 watts
  • Noise Level: 63 dBA
  • Run Time: 15 hours at half load/ 3.4 gallon
  • Weight: 92.6 Ibs
  • Unique Feature: Fuel efficient
A-iPower SUA4500 4500 Watt Portable Generator A-iPower SUA4500 4500 Watt Portable Generator
  • Wattage: 4500 watts
  • Noise Level: 68 dBA
  • Run Time: 11 hours at 50% Load
  • Weight: 117 lbs
  • Unique Feature: Affordable
Champion Power Equipment 100302 4000-Watt RV Champion Power Equipment 100302 4000-Watt RV
  • Wattage: 4000 watts
  • Noise Level: 64 dBA
  • Run time: 17 hours
  • Weight: 81.6 Ibs
  • Unique Feature: Remote Technology
OUR BUDGET PICKChampion Power Equipment 100573 4000-Watt Champion Power Equipment 100573 4000-Watt DH Series
  • Wattage: 4000 watts
  • Noise Level: 64 dBA
  • Run Time: 17 hours
  • Weight: 96.8 Ibs
  • Unique Feature: Fuel efficient
Light WeightWEN GN400i RV-Ready 4000-Watt Open Frame Inverter Generator WEN GN400i RV-Ready 4000-Watt Open Frame Inverter Generator
  • Wattage: 4000 watts
  • Noise Level: 67 dBA
  • Run Time: 7 hours @ 50% load
  • Weight: 66.1 Ibs
  • Unique Feature: Light Weight

1. Pulsar 4000-Watts inverter generator-A Remote Start Generator

Top Editor’s pick

The unique features of the model include:

Remote start technology

It gives you the convenience to operate this model from up to 80 feet away. You don’t have to walk outside in the midst of the night to power it off, just do it from the comfort of your house, RV trailer, or tent.

62 decibels from 10 feet away

This generator produces about 62 decibels which makes it virtually silent. When placed more than 10 feet away, the more silent it becomes.

Sine Wave Technology

The unit produces pure and safe electricity for running your delicate electronic devices.

Parallel ready outlet

If you have more power demands than what a single Pulsar 4000W invertor generator delivers, you can connect two units of this generator to receive double the power. This will save you the costs of buying a bigger generator which may not be fully utilized when you have less power demands.


The impact resistant frame on this model makes it bear up different environmental conditions. Investing in this model will give you years of uncompromised performance.

Extendable handles

For easy handling and movability. This feature will also give you easy time to store this generator.

PG4000iSR model runs on a 224cc OHV engine generating a peak wattage of 4000 watts and 3500 rated watts. It has a fuel tank capacity of 3.4 gallons of gasoline. Besides the remote starting feature, PG4000iSR model has an electric push start for easy starting of this unit.

With this power output, the generator can comfortably power your home appliances including refrigerator, water pump or a furnace.

On your RV trailer, this power is adequate for a 13,500 BTU air conditioner. On a half load, the 3.4 gallons of gasoline can power the generator for up to 12 hours nonstop. Even so, when the unit is switched to economy mode and on the same load, the generator can run for about 15 hours. It is a good deal to light your night at the camping ground.

With a closed design of 30 × 20 × 21 inches, a weight of about 92.6 pounds, and its set of 2 non-flat wheels, this unit is ideal for outdoor powering needs. Even though this model has a lot to admire, all is not well. It does not have a fuel gauge that will tell you how much fuel is left in the unit.

On the outlets, PG4000iSR model has;

  • Duo 120V AC 20A outlets
  • Single 120V AC 30A outlet
  • 12V DC 8A outlet
  • 5V DC USB outlets


  • It’s an RV ready generator
  • A fuel-efficient generator


  • For maximum efficiency, the engine necessitates a break-in period.


2. Champion Power Equipment 100302-A Digital Hybrid Inverter Generator

Second Editor’s Pick

Special features of Champion 100302 inverter generator:

  • Cold start technology: This feature ensures you have an easy time when starting the generator in cold weather. This is not common to most generators in the market.
  • Utilizes innovative hybrid technology: You can either use gasoline or propane to run this generator. By buying this unit, you will not have a reason to operate without power when you can access either propane or gasoline as your fuel source.
  • Quiet Technology: Guarantees you minimal noise operations by cutting noise level by half. The generator operates at a rated noise level of 64 decibels. You don’t have to worry about bothering your colleagues at the camping ground or your neighbors at home when using it as your power backup plan.
  • Economy mode switch: You can extend the running hours of this unit by switching to an economy mode. It will reduce the fuel consumption of the unit but still deliver your power demands. economy mode switch can also help in increasing the life span of this generator’s engine.
  • RV ready unit: If you are looking for an affordable generator that will meet your RV trailer power needs, the Champion 100302 inverter generator is here. With the 120V 30A RV-ready outlet, you can power your RV trailer.
  • Parallel ready: You can double the power output of this model by connecting it to a similar model.

Champion 100302 power equipment has a 224cc Champion 4-stroke engine driven by gasoline to generate 4000 starting watts and run at 3500 watts. To start the engine, this model has a conventional recoil start mechanism.

The power output from this unit can power your basic domestic electric appliances whose cumulative wattage frequency is about 3000 watts. When tailgating it can run most of your tailgating electric appliances and power 15,000 BTU RV air conditioner.

With a fuel tank capacity of 2.9 gallons, Champion 100302 can run for about 17 hours when it is at 25% load and running on economy mode. 17 hours of power supply will electrify your tailgating party or keep your essential electrical equipment running at home in case of a power blackout.

The model weighs about 81.6 pounds and with dimensions of 20.5 × 17.9 × 17.7 inches.

While it may appear bulky and heavy, its open frame design makes it easy to lift it, especially when you have a colleague.

While everything appears to be beautiful with Champion 100302 model, it does not have a data center. Data center is essential as it communicates the functioning state of the generator.

To connect your appliances, this model has;

  • Double 120V AC 20A outlets
  • Single 120V AC 30A outlet (for connecting an RV)-RV ready
  • One 12V DC 8A receptacle

  • It is affordable
  • It’s a fuel efficient generator
  • Its an RV ready and parallel capable generator

  • Only 2 120V AC 20A outlets: This is insufficient for such a generator.

Should you buy this model, it comes with;

  • Battery charging cables
  • Oil funnel
  • USB adapter


3. A-iPower SUA4000iED 4000 watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

Special features on this model include:

  • Dual fuel technology: You can either use propane or gasoline to run this generator. Choose the fuel source which is convenient to you.
  • Telescoping handles and wheelset: This feature improves the mobility factor of this model making it out of the convenient 4000 watts inverter generator for outdoor use.
  • Super quiet operation mode: The generator operates at a noise level of about 58 decibels which will not bother your neighbors or your sleeping at night at home or camping site.
  • Remote/Electric start: Gives you easy time to start the generator from a distance fo several feet away and by pushing on the start button.
  • RV ready: If you love tailgating or RV camping, it is appropriate for such and it can still be used for your home emergency plan.
  • Fuel selector switch: Easily switch from either propane or gasoline

This model runs on a 223cc OHV 4-stroke engine on either propane or gasoline. When the engine is running on gasoline, the unit can generate a surge wattage of 4000 watts and 3500 running watts.

On the other hand, it can deliver a starting wattage of 3500 watts and 3200 running watts when powered by propane. The power output from A-iPower SUA4000iED can safely power your vulnerable electronics thanks to the inverter technology that produces a clean sine wave.

It can also meet your power demands at your RV including a 12,000 BTU RV AC UNIT, camping site, and even power one or two power tools at an outdoor construction site. When running on gasoline and at 100% load, the unit can power your devices for up to 5 hours.

However, when it is at 50%, it can run for about 7 hours thanks to its low idle technology that gives it an extended running time. This generator weighs about 125 pounds and has dimensions of 23.8 x 19.2 x 22 inches.

While this inverter generator is heavy for one person to carry, it has never-flat wheels and a telescoping handle that can enhance its movability, especially when on flat ground. While this unit has more adorable features, on the downward side, it has a short running time.

On the outlets;

  • Double 120V AC 20A household outlets
  • Single 120V AC 30A outlet for easy RV connection.
  • Double DC USB port

The outlets have coverings which safeguard the terminals from dust and other debris.


  • A dual fuel generator
  • Easy start up mechanism thanks to the electric and remote start technology.



  • Low run time


4. Champion 100573 inverter generator-Cold Start Technology

Special features about this model:
  • Digital hybrid features: With a wireless remote, you can start or stop this inverter generator from a distance of about 80 feet. It also has an electric starter (a push start or stop button) for easy powering when you are next to the unit. Additionally, there is a traditional recoil start mechanism.
  • Cold start technology

best 4000 watt inverter generator

This feature ensures that you have an easy time starting this generator in cold weather.

  • Quiet technology: This significantly lowers the amount of noise level produced by this unit. From 23 feet, this unit will deliver about 64 decibels at 25% load, however, the noise level can increase when the load is more.
  • Economy mode: To extend the overall run time of this generator which guarantees you more hours of operations.
  • An open-frame design: For stability, easy lifting, and transportation of this unit to wherever you want it to be.
  • Parallel ready: If you need more power supply, you can parallel connect a couple of 2800-watt generators, another higher inverter or digital hybrid generator.

Champion 100573 inverter generator is powered by a 224cc Champion 4-stroke engine that is fueled by gasoline to deliver 3500 running watts and a peak wattage of 4000 watts. With the stated power output, this unit can act as emergency power back at home, power outdoor activities including RV reveling, tailgating, and camping.

It has a fuel tank capacity of 2.9 gallons. On a full tank, this model can run for up to 17 hours when it is 25% loaded. The long-running hours are attributed to the eco mode feature in this unit. This will save you fuel and also contribute to lowering the noise level produced by the engine.

The unit has an average weight of 96.8 pounds and measures 23.5 x 24.8 x 20.5 inches. With the never-flat tire set and foldable handle, this unit can easily be pushed especially on a flat surface. Despite the many benefits that you will get from this generator, it is important to point out that the remote start technology may sometimes fail to work during cold weather.

On the receptacles, the unit has 3AC and 1 DC:

  • Double 120V AC 20A receptacles
  • Single 120V AC 30A receptacle (RV ready)
  • Single 12V DC 8A receptacle

  • It is a fuel efficient generator
  • Its portability feature makes it appropriate for both outdoor powering needs and emergency power backup plan.


  • There is no data center nor fuel gauge on the control panel. It keeps you guessing the amount of fuel left before your next refill.


5. WEN GN400i 4000 Watts inverter generator- A Lightweight  Generator

Special features about WEN GN400i model include:
  • Lightweight: When comparing WEN GN400i model with traditional open-frame generators and other 4000-watt generators, this model could be about 30% lighter. This means it is easy to maneuver with it regardless of where you need power.
  • Built-in fuel gauge: With this feature, you can easily check the fuel level which will make it easy for you to schedule for a refilling.
  • Fuel shut-off feature: When this unit is running out of fuel, this feature stops the flow of fuel from the fuel tank. This allows the engine to fully utilize the remaining fuel in the carburetor prior to its shutting down. With such, there is no likelihood of having stagnant fuel on the carburetor which may cause blockages hence reducing maintenance costs and increasing the generator’s lifespan.
  • Parallel ready: You can conveniently parallel connect this model with a similar one to double the power output to meet your power demands such as running a 15,000 BTU RV AC unit.
  • Eco-mode switch: You can maximize your fuel economy by switching to eco-mode. This will also reduce the engine noise level.

The 212cc 4-stroke OHV engine runs on gasoline to produce 4000 starting watts and 3500 rated watts. The engine is powered on by an electric switch or through a traditional pull-start mechanism.

While the power output may not be adequate to run everything in your house when you are off-grid, it can keep your essential electronics powered. For RV revelers, it can keep a 12,000 BTU air conditioner running, do your lighting and power your entertainment devices. It is not a bad deal neither for camping and tailgating lovers.

With a fuel tank capacity of 1.85 gallons, this generator can operate for about 7 hours when it is at 50% load. It can produce a noise level of 67 decibels. WEN GN400i model weighs approximately 66 pounds and measures 19.8 x 13.8 x 18.9 inches. The open-frame design improves the portability feature of this generator. Although this is an affordable 4000 watts inverter generator, it is considerably noisy when compared to other units of a similar power range.

The control panel has 5 outlets;

  • Duo 120V AC 20A outlets
  • Single 120V AC 30A outlet
  • Double 5V DC USB ports

  • It’s among the lightest 4000 watts generators.


  • Its running time is considerably low.


It is important to note that the above 4000 watts inverter generators produce a pure sine wave. This means that the generators are safe to power your vulnerable electronics. Read more on the article, are inverter generators pure sine wave?  As a common feature in the above models, they all have light indicators that show the readiness of the individual generator to be loaded, overload signal, and oil level indicator. Additionally, they come with a circuit breaker for overload protection and an automatic low oil shut-off sensor.

What Can a 4000 Watts Inverter Generator Power?

In normal circumstances, a 4000 watts inverter generator delivers about 33.3 amps when it has an output of 120volts. The amperage reduces to about 16.6 amps when the output voltage is 240volts. To understand what a 4000W generator can run you must familiarize yourself with the terms starting watts and running watts:

best 4000 watt inverter generator
  • Starting/Peak/Surge watts: This is the amount of wattage an electric appliance requires in a moment to start up its motor.

best 4000 watt inverter generator

Such appliances include freezers, refrigerators, air conditioner units among others. Starting wattage is precisely for those electronics that have a motor. This wattage is normally higher than running watts.

  • Running/Rated watts: This is the amount of power the appliances need to continue running once the starting phase is complete.

Therefore, a 4000 watts generator can power any electronic whose starting watts does not exceed 4000 watts and running wattage is below 4000W. However, if you have other appliances you planning to power on, the summation of their starting watts and that of running watts should be less than the 4000 watts.

For non-motorized appliances such as a TV, DVD player, recharging devices, the sum of their wattage should be below the rated 4000 watts. You should not, therefore, expect to power every electronic equipment in your home, in your RV trailer, or at the camping ground with a 4000-watt inverter generator.

However, if you have to power everything, you will need to parallel connect two 4000 watts inverter generators to achieve double power output. For a 4000-watt generator, it is advisable that you run equipment that has a total wattage of below 4000 watts. This will ensure your generator is not overloaded.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best 4000 Watt Inverter Generator

There are critical factors that you need to understand before settling on any model of a 4000 watts generator. Read on to learn more.

1. The Engine

It is the heart of the generator. This is where the conversion of fuel to electrical energy takes place. When looking at the engine, ensure it is powerful. A powerful engine can generate more wattages. When looking at the engine, check on its size by looking at its displacement which is measured in cubic centimeters (cc). In our review, most generators have 223 or224 cc engines with one having a 212cc engine. A higher cc means the engine is more powerful.

2. Fuel Tank Capacity

Any gasoline-fueled generator has an internal fuel tank for holding gasoline. The size of the fuel tank will dictate the physical size of the generator, the runtime, and the frequency of refilling the tank.

In our review, the smallest tank can hold 1.85 gallons while the biggest can hold up to 3.4 gallons of gasoline. While the fuel efficiency of generators differs depending on their models, a generator with a big fuel tank is expected to have more runtime than one with a small tank. So if you don’t want to refuel the generator periodically, consider a unit that has high fuel efficiency and has a big fuel tank.

3. Receptacles

best 4000 watt inverter generator

The number and variety of receptacles on a generator will determine how many appliances and types can be plugged. In most cases, the standard 120volts outlets should be two but there are models that can have as many as six of them. However, if you need to power heavy tools with a generator, you should get a generator that has 120/240volts 30A twist-lock receptacles.

For powering your RV, you need to go for a generator that has an RV-ready outlet like the one found on Champion 100302 power equipment. Additionally, you may need to recharge your battery, go for a generator that has a 12V DC outlet. There are some that have USB outlets for charging various gadgets.

4. Noise Level

best 4000 watt inverter generator

While the power output of a generator is one of the most essential factors to consider, you should also be keen on the noise output.

If you looking for a generator for RV or camping purposes, the noise output of your generator should be of main concern. Some of the camping grounds do not allow generators with more than 65 decibels.

You should therefore look out for generators that have 65 decibels and below. For a home backup plan, you will also need a generator that is not noisy, otherwise, it will awake your neighbors and even give you hard time sleeping.

Different generator models will have varying noise levels, some with sound mufflers some do not choose a generator that has a noise level that is bearable.

5. Warranty

best 4000 watt inverter generator

Buying a 4000 watts inverter generator is a worthy investment, you should therefore ensure the generator will serve you for a very long time.

It is advisable that you buy a generator that has a warranty period should it malfunction; the manufacturer will replace or repair the unit at no cost. The longer the warranty period the better the generator.

6. Size, Weight, and Portability

How you plan to use the generator or to place it, will determine the model of a generator to buy. If you are looking for a home backup generator, then its portability may not be a big issue. However, if you need a generator for outdoor activities, a bulky and heavy generator will not be ideal for such. To enhance portability, find a generator that has a set of wheels and flexible handles for easy movement.


There are numerous brands of 4000-watt inverter generators in the market. However, these brands have different features and specifications. The differences in features include running hours, noise levels, portability, fuel efficiency, number of outlets among others.

Some have remote start technology coupled with electric start and conventional pull-start mechanism while others only have the traditional pull start mechanism. Both have advantages and disadvantages, weigh them appropriately and make the right option.

A 4000-watts inverter generator can run different types of electronics. However, to determine which types of appliances a 4000 watts generator can power, check on the running and starting wattage of motorized appliances you want to power.

For the non-motorized electronics, get a summation of their watts and compare it with the running wattage of the generator. On the selection of a 4000-watt generator, there are several factors that you should consider.

Look at the engine displacement size, the fuel tank capacity, warranty period, size, weight and portability of the generator among other factors. Make the right choice of a 4000-watt inverter generator to power your electricity needs,

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