Best 1000 Watt Inverter Generator

If you are an outdoor enthusiast who loves being plugged in and connected to the world even when on an adventure, an inverter generator could be your solution. The machine is portable and provides you with the necessary power to keep various appliances running. Inverter generators can be used at home, offices, or any other place where you need power and an electricity outage. One needs to look for the best 1000 watt inverter generator.

Unlike conventional generators, inverter generators are also light and are extremely quiet while running. Therefore, they guarantee to provide you with clean, reliable power for all your needs.

However, with so many inverter generators on the market, choosing the right one can be a daunting experience. With the right guide, however, the process of choosing a suitable 1000-watt inverter generator is simplified to ensure you get the right one for your specific needs.

In this article, we’ll review the best 1000 watts inverter generators on the market and share a few buying techniques. This way, it will be easy for you to buy and get value for your money.

Our Best 1000 Watts Inverter Generators

1. Honda EU1000i Inverter Generator Review- quietest 1000w generator

This Honda EU1000i inverter generator is super quiet with only 42dB of noise even at 100% load. Read more on why inverter generators are so quiet. Therefore, you are guaranteed that it will allow you to enjoy peaceful operations with minimal interruptions.

The manufacturers use a unique technology to ensure they produce the quietest inverter generator for exceptional performance.

The generator has a pair of 120-volt outlets and a 120-volt DC outlet. This gives its users the flexibility of powering their small appliances at a go. It also comes with a pair of USB ports to ensure that you can connect other appliances without having to compromise using something else.

At 25% load, this inverter generator gives you up to 7-hours of runtime. Therefore, if you expect to have the generator running for the day or night, you should be prepared to refuel for enhanced performance. However, with 7-hours of continuous runtime, the generator is quite convenient, and it will ensure to provide you with any power solution.

It can be used for both commercial and residential purposes too. The manufacturers also ensure to cover the unit with reliable warranty cover to allow you the flexibility of using it.

If you use it for commercial purposes, its cover goes up to one year while residential is two years. The unit is designed with almost the same features as the Honda and Yamaha brands, which is a guarantee that they can do it too.


  • Easy to operate
  • Extremely quieter
  • Multiple outlet ports


  • Highly overpriced


2.Yamaha EF1000iS Review-  1000w Portable Generator

The Yamaha also comes in among the top 1000-watts inverter generator on the market. This designed to ensure you enjoy seamless performance thanks to its efficiency, power, and portability.

With this generator, going for a camping adventure has been simplified as it will guarantee all your small appliances such as computers and phones are connected.

When loaded at 50%, the generator has a starting power of 1000 watts and 900 running watts. Therefore, over the assurance that s gives you clean and reliable AC power, you are sure that it will keep your appliances running for an extended period.

Additionally, the generator also allows you up to 12-hours of runtime when loaded at 50%. This guarantees that the unit will ensure you are comfortable through the night without compromising the use of essential appliances.

The generator also has a smart throttle feature that helps adjust the engine’s speed to meet your respective demands. This feature enhances fuel efficiency as you only run the engine to support the recommended appliances rather than running it at full speed when it is partially loaded.

Additionally, when you have sensitive electronics, this inverter generator offers clean energy to ensure your appliances are not at any possible power risk.

The guarantee that it is fuel-efficient makes the unit suitable for use at any adventure. You are also guaranteed that you will not be locked out of power, especially when you are not within fuel reach.

Therefore, when you are thinking of going for an adventure, overpacking the critical items you will need, having this unit within your reach makes the experience far better.


  • Smart throttle technology for engine speed adjustment
  • Up to 12 hours of runtime at 50% load
  • Clean and reliable AC power production


  • Highly overpriced


3. Buffalo Tools GEN1000I Review- Cheap 1000w Generator

When working on a tight budget, this buffalo tools gen1000I from sportsman will guarantee that you have a comfortable camp adventure with the necessary power to support your laptop and cellphone. The generator is rated at 800 watts, which guarantees that it’s only suitable for small power needs.

With its small fuel tank, the generator still guarantees to provide you with up to 6-hours of runtime at 50% load. Therefore, this unit will guarantee that you are connected to the world even when you are away for a camping experience.

It has a lightweight construction style that enhances its portability. It also has ergonomic carry handles that make it easy for you to carry it to whenever you are going. Therefore, you will not be worried about having extra weights while planning for an adventure.

Additionally, this unit features a unique construction style with quality material. It can withstand a magnitude of operating challenges and maintain the high performance for an extended period.

This guarantees that you will not only have a sufficient power supply for your small appliances, but you will also enjoy value for your money.


  • Easy to operate
  • Clean and reliable power production
  • Quite affordable


  • It doesn’t support heavy appliances connection


4. Polaris P13GDGANA Power P1000i  Review- Suitable for small appliances

The Polaris P13GDGANA power P1000i is a portable gas-powered generator with 1000 surge watts and 900 running watts.

It is convenient for running small appliances such as phone chargers and computers to keep you engaged, especially during a power outage.

With this generator, you will enjoy clean and reliable power and will not compromise your appliances’ performance.

The manufacturers develop this unit with preciseness to ensure that it meets your power needs when on an outdoor adventure and lasts longer.

Therefore, you are guaranteed that the generator will give you a money-back performance regardless of where you go.

When it comes to portability, this generator is super light hence allowing you to carry it wherever you go with no additional costs. Its fuel tank can carry up to 0.98 gallons of fuel and will run for up to 10 hours continuously.

Therefore, it will ensure that your appliances will keep running for an exceptional period.

On the other hand, this inverter generator has dual 120V AC outlets fitted with circuit breaker protection that can be reset when the engine is running.

Therefore, this safety feature guarantees that both the generator and your appliances will be safe in any malfunction.


  • Easy to operate
  • Outlets fitted with circuit breaker
  • Up to 10 hours of runtime on half load


  • Its noise levels are a little too high


5. Ryobi Digital Inverter Generator Review- Durable

Also on our list is this Ryobi RYi1000 digital inverter generator. It’s designed using quality material, which enhances its durability. Therefore, when you invest in this Ryobi digital inverter generator, you will enjoy years of exceptional performance.

You can use the generator for recreational adventure, at a job site or home. It guarantees to provide you with the necessary power to run small appliances and keep you connected to the world.

The generator has a starting power of 1000 watts and 900 running watts. This guarantees that you will have sufficient power to keep your appliances running. When you are thinking of connecting sensitive appliances, this generator produces clean power, making it perfect for sensitive appliances.

It has a 3-step east start technique and has an onboard monitoring system. This combination makes the unit reliable and ready for action. It also has an auto-idle feature to ensure that it prolongs runtime and saves fuel, especially when you n=only need less energy to run your appliances.


  • Auto-idle fuel-saving technology
  • Clean power production
  • Onboard monitoring system
  • 3-year warranty cover


  • Has few outlets


Best 1000 Watt Inverter Generator Buyers Guide

The market is saturated with numerous inverter generators, and finding one that meets your needs can be a complicated and daunting adventure.

Portable generators come in handy, and they have multiple uses. Therefore, when you are buying, it is essential; to get your priorities right and be sure when you are buying the generator for.

If you are thinking of getting a portable inverter generator for a camping adventure or an outdoor job activity, but you are unsure what to look for, here are some specific features that you should always get the right unit.

Power and Outlets

The first and most critical thing to look for in an inverter generator before buying is power production.

You were sure that the device would be enough to power your various appliances during an adventure.

Your power needs should always come first whenever you are thinking of getting an optional power supply. This will guarantee that your critical appliances are running for a comfortable experience regardless of where you are.

This way, you are guaranteed that you will feel the minimal impact with the electric power outage in your area.

Additionally, if you are on a camping adventure, knowing that your generator will power all your appliances at a time gives you the confidence you need to have a comfortable adventure.

On the other hand, your generator should have multiple outlet ports to support operating various appliances.

For instance, if you have a refrigerator, having a generator will allow you to connect the device without the need for additional connecting cables comfortably. When the fridge is running, the multiple outlets guarantee that you will not have to remove one to load the other.

Noise Level

Noise levels in an inverter generator are critical, and it affects how often you use the device. A smaller generator is super quiet, while bigger ones are quite louder.

Therefore, if all you care about is getting a generator that will not destruct you from concentrating on other matters, then getting a smaller inverter generator might be convenient.

However, as you choose the ideal generator, your main focus should not be based on the noise levels but rather the power it produces and the type of appliances you expect it to run.

The inverter features ensure to keep the generator’s noise levels down compared to the conventional generators.

Therefore, whichever size you pick, its noise levels will automatically below, which guarantees you can comfortably focus on other activities with minimal generator noise.

The Fuel Tank

The fuel tank capacity will determine how long your generator will run when the engine is on. Most generators allow you to power your appliances for at least 7-10 hours when loaded at 50%.

A bigger fuel tank equals a longer runtime period making the generator convenient for recreational uses.

On the other hand, a bigger fuel tank makes the generator extra heavy, limiting your portability options. Therefore, when you are buying, it is essential for you to check on the fuel tank and be sure that you settle for a generator that will run for an extended period and still maintain its portability.

This way, it will be easy for you to depend on the generator to power your appliances.

Fuel Type

Most generators are designed as gas-powered. The type of fuel you use in your generator dictates how the device will operate and its reliability when powering your appliances. Some generators are propane-powered.

They are dependable and makes a great addition, especially when you are facing an emergency. These generators cost a little more compared to their gasoline counterparts. They are also quieter, assuring you of noise-free operations.

Propane generators burn clean power, and they are environmentally friendly. You can also power your sensitive electronics with confidence.

On the other hand, gasoline generators are functional, and they can power more appliances at a time. However, gasoline doesn’t often burn clean power and may not be convenient for sensitive appliances.

Therefore, when choosing a generator that uses gasoline, it is essential to check whether your generator has safety features before connecting your appliances.

Battery-powered generators also come in handy. You can recharge your battery using the solar panel. Therefore, when you are going on an adventure, you will not have to worry about transporting fuel to your adventure

. Instead, you will only require a reliable solar panel to keep your battery recharged for enhanced experiences. The battery-powered generators are also much quieter than any other type, and they are convenient for use even during the night.

They also have zero emissions, and they burn super clean power. This makes them convenient for connecting sensitive appliances, too, with minimal power risks.

The only downside of battery-powered generators is that the battery takes a long to charge fully, and even when on full, it can only produce up to 1800-watts of power.

Therefore, they are not suitable for powering heavy appliances such as fridges and AC.

Ease of Use

How easy you can start and use the inverter generator is a great addition when you are buying. You need to ensure that you get one with an easy start button and has limited complications when running.

You need to ensure that the brand you choose has an easy-to-start design to guarantee that you can effectively operate the generator without any possible challenges.

You can start by checking the type of the generators start system, whether it has a recoil or automatic style.

If it uses a recoil start, ensure that it is easy to pull and starts quickly, even during cold weather. If it has an automatic start, ensure that it has a simple push-button and starts easy.


The brand is a critical feature to look at when you are buying an inverter generator. Some of the top brands include Honda, Yamaha, and WEN.

These brands have a high reputation for developing quality and exceptional electronic devices. They have been on the market for an extended period, which means they understand what is need to make great and reliable devices.

However, that doesn’t mean that you are only limited to getting inverter generators from those brands.

There are several other brands that have a reputation for developing quality inverter generators. Therefore, when you are buying, ensure to check which works best for you, and it will meet your expectations.

You also need to ensure that you get one with reliable start and running power to ensure that it will keep your appliances running for the expected time.


Price is a feature that is+ often +overlooked but has a great significance while shopping for an inverter generator. The price often dictates the type of features you get and the power of your generator.

However, there are instances where the price is high because of the brand and has nothing to accompany the big price tag.

Additionally, the price of the generator helps you create and budget to support your need for the generator.

With a good budget, you are guaranteed that you will get the right device and not strain your bank account.

Additionally, having a financial plan make it easy for you to focus on only the type of generator you can afford. Therefore, it will save you buying time, allowing you to start enjoying the generator’s services much earlier.

Durability and Warranty

Best 1000 Watt Inverter Generator

The durability of the inverter generator is determined by the type of material used in developing the generator. You need to ensure that the manufacturers use the right materials and follow the right manufacturing procedure.

The type of fuel that the generator uses also determines the durability of the device.

When it comes to warranty, it is essential to ensure that your device of choice has a reliable warranty cover.

Considering that generators are sold at a high price, the last thing you want is to invest your money in something that has no value for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I run an entire house with one of these?

It all depends on what you mean when you talk of the entire house. A 1000 watts can only be convenient to run a handful of small appliances.

Its main aim is to ensure that you are comfortable during a power outage around your area.

With a portable generator, you are also guaranteed that you will stay in touch with the rest of the world while on a camping adventure.

Therefore, if you are looking for a generator that can help you run several appliances in the house, you should consider investing in a bigger generator with advanced running wattages.

How often should I change the oil?

For all your maintenance, you should follow the manufacturers’ recommendation. Most manufacturers recommend that before every use, you should check your oil levels.

If your generator runs for a long time, it is essential for you to change the oil.

The recommended period for most generators is up to 50 hours of runtime. This will guarantee that your generator remains in good condition.

Is it safe to keep the generator near your house?

When the generator is running, it is safe to keep it at a distance from the house. This distance between your house and the generator while running should be at least 15 feet.

When the generator is running, it produces noise, which may not be good for your health. Therefore, when you observe a safe distance, you enhance your safety and those sharing the room with you.

What can I run with a 1000-watts inverter generator?

As stated earlier, a 1000-watt inverter generator can only be suitable to run small appliances. You can use it to run phone and laptop charges, computers, and small lights.

This generator is only suitable for recreational uses as it can guarantee you stay connected with the world while you are away from home.

Can a portable generator run my air conditioner?

best 1000 watt inverter generator

Yes. You can use a portable generator to run an air conditioner and other heavy appliances. However, it depends on the size of the generator and the size of the air conditioner too.

Can I use an extension cord?

 There are instances where you will require to use an extension cord to connect your appliances. For instance, when you want to power appliances inside the house, an extension cord will come in handy.

However, when you choose to use an extension, you need to ensure that it is in good condition and it’s heavy-duty to support passing all the power.

Final Thoughts

When you are planning to go for an adventure, you don’t have to part ways with your friends and forget how it feels to connect with the world due to power issues. All the above inverter generators are convenient for you, and they will ensure you get sufficient power to run your small appliances.

About Steve Stuart

Steve Stuart is an electrical engineer who developed interest on generators during his school years. After school, he became a generator enthusiast. This is after encountering power supply problems at the area of residence where he lived. Power would be on and off and so food would go bad and the room heater would go off especially during winter. After trying the different generator brands for several years, Steve now provides information on the available brands and products in the market today. Based on his experience, he gives the do’s and the don’ts when it comes to generator use.